2 Thessalonians

Etheridge(i) 1 PAULOS, and Sylvanos, and Timotheos, to the church of the Thesalonikoyee, which is in Aloha our Father, and our Lord Jeshu Meshiha. 2 Grace be with you, and peace, from Aloha our Father, and from our Lord Jeshu Meshiha. 3 To give thanks we owe to Aloha at all time on behalf of you, my brethren, as it is proper; because your faith greatly increaseth, and the love of you all, of every man toward his neighbour, enlargeth; 4 as that we also boast of you in the churches of Aloha, of your faith and of your patience, in all your persecution and your affliction which you endure; 5 for a demonstration of the just judgment of Aloha, that you may be [seen to be] worthy of his kingdom, for the sake of which you suffer; 6 and whether it is (not) righteous to render afflictions to them who afflict you. 7 And you who are afflicted will he save [Or, make alive.] with us, at the revelation of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha from heaven, with the host [Or, force; chailo, " powerful array."] of his angels, 8 when he executeth the punishment, with burning of fire, on them who have not known Aloha, and on them who have not acknowledged the gospel of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha. 9 For these in the judgment will be punished (with) the perdition of eternity, from the presence of our Lord, and from the glory of his power; 10 when he cometh to be glorified in his saints, and to show his wonders in his faithful ones, that our testimony that was concerning you may be believed in that day. 11 On account of this at all time pray we for you, that Aloha may make you meet for your calling, and complete in you all the will of good (things), and the operations of faith with power; 12 that the name of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha may be glorified in you, and you also in him, according to the grace of Aloha and our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.