1 Thessalonians

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, Silvanus (or: = Silas; D reads: Silbanos), and Timothy, to the called-out community of the Thessalonians within, and in union with, God our Father, even (or: and) [the] Lord Jesus Christ: grace and peace (or: joyous favor and harmony with the absence of conflict; = shalom [peace and prosperity]) to you [other MSS add: from God, our Father and Lord, Jesus Christ (or: God our Father, and {the} Owner, Jesus {the} Anointed)]. 2 We are continuously experiencing the well-being of grace in God, and are mindful of the favor of goodness and ease with God, always, which encircles and surrounds all of you (or: We are constantly always expressing gratitude and feeling thankful to and for God concerning you all), continuously making mention of you folks upon our thinking and speaking towards having things be well (or: remembering and being mindful of you people at [times of] our prayers) in regard to 3 your incessantly remembering (or: being mindful, without leaving-off throughout,) of our Lord Jesus Christ's act of faith (process of trust; work from loyalty), wearisome smiting and toil of love, and persistent patient endurance from expectation, in front of our God and Father (or: ...upon our prayers, unceasingly mentioning, in the presence of our God and Father, the process of your faith {or: the work which is conviction and trust} and love's exhausting toil {or: the hard labor which is love}, and [your] steadfast remaining under for support of our Lord Jesus Christ's expectation {or: the expectant hope which are our Lord Jesus, [the] Anointed}). 4 Brothers (= Fellow believers; = [My] family), folks having been and still being loved by God, knowing and perceiving your election (your being picked out; your being chosen, arranged, gathered or spoken, out of the midst), 5 how that the message of the goodness of our God (or: our God's good news; the message of ease and well-being, which is God) was not birthed into you within word or thought only, but rather also within power and ability, even within a set-apart Breath-effect (or: in union with [the] Holy Spirit; in the midst of [the] Sacred Breath), as well as in much assurance having been brought to full measure, according as you have seen and perceived (or: by extensive absolute-certainty and with much bearing and wearing to the full, just as you know and are aware). Of such sort we were birthed (produced; brought to be) to, for and among you for your sakes (because of you folks), 6 and within much pressure (or: squeezing; oppression) you yourselves were birthed (produced, made to be) imitators of us and of the Lord, receiving (taking in hand) the Word (or: idea; thought; message;) with [the] joy of [the] set-apart Breath-effect (or: from [the] Holy Spirit; or: the Sacred Breath's joy; or: accompanied by gracious joy which is a sacred attitude), 7 so then to produce and birth you as patterns for (models to) all those constantly trusting and progressively believing – while being loyal – within Macedonia and within Achaia. 8 You see, from you the Word of the Lord (or: [Yahweh’s or Christ’s] message) has been loudly sounded forth not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but even within every place your faith toward God has gone forth (or: out), so that we have no need to be speaking anything! 9 For they themselves are continuously reporting concerning us of what sort an entrance (or: introduction) we had toward you, and how you turned about toward God from the idols (forms; images seen; external appearances; pagan concepts and world views) to continuously be a slave to, for and with the living and true (or: real) God, 10 even to constantly dwell and remain (or: abide) back up again (or: fully lodge; or: stay up) [with] His Son – [living] from out of the heavens! (or: His Son, whose origin is from the midst of the atmospheres) – Whom He raised from out of the midst of dead folks, Jesus, the One constantly rescuing (or: repeatedly and progressively dragging) us to Himself from out of the midst of (other MSS: away from) the repeatedly (or: periodically; continuously; progressively) coming violent emotions (inherent fervor; mental disposition of teeming desire; passionate impulse; or: anger; internal teeming & agitation; outburst of rage; wrath).