1 Timothy

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, one sent away with a commission pertaining to [the] Anointed Jesus (or: Jesus Christ's representative and envoy), down from (or: in line and accord with) an imposed arrangement from (an injunction of; a decree and charge set upon [me] pertaining to) God our Savior, even (or: and) from Christ Jesus, our Expectation (or: expectant Hope), 2 to Timothy, a genuine child (a legitimate born-one) within the midst of faith (or: in union with trust): Grace and favor, mercy and compassion [together with] peace and harmony [= shalom], from God, our Father, even (and) Christ Jesus, our Lord (Owner; Master). 3 Just as I called you alongside – while traveling into Macedonia – to encourage you to remain focused in Ephesus, to the end that you should pass on an announcement (should notify; would bring along a message) to certain folks (or: for some) not to continue teaching different things, 4 nor yet to constantly hold toward myths (or: stories; fictions) and unbounded (= endless) genealogies, which things habitually hold investigations and inquiries alongside which involve speculations and disputes, rather than God's house-administration (management; stewardship) – the one within trust and in union with faith. 5 Yet the purpose and goal of the notification (the message and announcement which is brought alongside and passed on) continues being love (the whole being's drive and movement toward reunion with another, to overcome existential separation; acceptance of the object of love without restriction, in spite of the estranged, profanized and demonized state of the object – Paul Tillich) forth from out of the midst of a clean heart and a good conscience (virtuous knowing-together; profitable impression of reality) and of unhypocritical faith (or: unfeigned trust; or: loyalty that is not overly critical; or: belief that lacks the qualities of being overly concerned with small details or hyper-evaluations), 6 of which things some (or: certain folks), being without a mark or target (or: deviating and swerving from the goal), were turned aside from out of [them] into vain (fruitless; profitless) talking and idle disputation, 7 wanting to be teachers of Law and custom, [yet] by habit not mentally apprehending either what things they are saying or about what things they are constantly insisting (thoroughly asserting and maintaining). 8 Now we have seen and thus know that the Law [= Torah] is beautiful (ideal and of good quality; useful; fine), if ever anyone could be continuously making use in it (employing and behaving with it, by it and to it) lawfully, 9 having seen and knowing this, that a law is not continually being laid down for one in accord with the Way pointed out (a just one; one who lives in right relationship with fair and equitable dealings; = one in new covenant standing, i.e., in Christ), but for lawless people and for insubordinate (non-self-subjecting; out of rank) folks; for irreverent ones (folks devoid of awe) and for failures (folks shooting off-line and missing the target; people making mistakes); for those without regard for divine or natural laws (impious, maligning, disloyal ones lacking loving-kindness) and for profane folks (people without connection to the set-apart and holy, who live in what is accessible to all); for those who strike (or: thrash) fathers and for people who strike (or: thrash) mothers; for those murdering men; 10 for men who use prostitutes (or: who are male prostitutes; fornicators; or: = those who “worship” in pagan temples); for men who lie with males (sodomites); for kidnappers (those catching men by the foot; = slave dealers); for liars; for ones who violate their oaths (perjurers); and whatever different thing which is continually occupying an opposite position (lying in opposition or in replacement) to the sound and healthful teaching, 11 [which is] in accord with (or: down from; in line with and on the level of) the good news of (or: the message of goodness and ease pertaining to) the glory and reputation of The Happy God, which I, myself, was persuaded to believe (or: upon Whom I am made to trust). 12 I continue holding (or: having) grace and favor by and in the One enabling me (putting ability within me; empowering me): Christ Jesus, our Lord, because He considers me full of faith (or: deems me loyal and faithful), Himself placing [me] into a position of giving attending service, 13one being formerly a blasphemer (a vilifier and slanderer; one using abusive speech and hindering the Light while bringing injury) and a persecutor and a violent, insolent aggressor (an overbearing, insolent, riotous and outrageous person), but to the contrary, I was mercied (or: given mercy), because, being continuously ignorant (without intimate, experiential knowledge or personal insight), I acted (or: did it) within unbelief (or: in distrust). 14 Yet our Lord's grace and favor overwhelms (is above more than enough; is overabounding) with faith and trust, as well as love, which are resident within Christ Jesus. 15 The Word [is] full of faith, and [is] deserving of every welcome reception of equal value, because (or: Faithful and trustworthy, even worthy of all and complete acceptance, [is] the message and saying that) Christ Jesus came into the ordered System (the world of secular culture, religion, government and economy; or: the cosmos) to rescue failures (to deliver those missing the target; to save and make sinners healthy and whole; to restore outcasts to their rightful position), of whom I myself exist being first (or: am foremost). 16 But nonetheless, through this I was mercied (or: I am given mercy), to the end that within me first (= as the foremost case) Jesus Christ may point out so as to publicly display every emotion which is long in arriving (all long-suffering patience) with a view to being an underline (toward [being] a subtype; as facing a sketch or outline; for a pattern) of those about to be habitually believing (or: progressively trusting; one-after-another placing faith) upon Him, [that is, ] into the midst of eonian life (into Life which pertains to and has the qualities and characteristics of the Age [of Messiah]; into life of, and which lasts through, the ages). 17 So, to [the] King of The Ages (or: eons; indefinite time periods), to [the] incorruptible (undecayable; unspoilable), invisible (unseen; not-able-to be seen) One, to [the] only God [some MSS add: wise; so: only wise God], [be] honor (value; worth) and glory (reputation which calls forth praise), on into the ages (or: indefinite time periods) of the ages. It is so (Amen)! (or: Now in and by the King to Whom belongs the ages – in and by the imperishable, invisible [and] only One – in and by God [is] honor and glory, [leading] into the [most important] eons of the eons. So it is!) 18 I am presently placing this passed-on message (notification; announcement) to your side, child Timothy, down from the preceding prophecies upon you (or: in accord with the prophecies habitually leading forth upon you), to the end that you may constantly perform military service (or: do battle; perform warfare) within them (or: in union with them) – the beautiful (fine; ideal) military service (or: battle; warfare), 19 while constantly holding (or: having) faith (and: trust) and a good conscience (a profitable knowing-together) – which some (or: certain ones), thrusting away (or: pushing and driving away), experienced shipwreck about the faith (or: concerning [their] trust, confidence and loyalty): 20 of whom are Hymenaeus and Alexander, whom I gave (or: hand) over to the adversary (or: satan) to the end that they would be child-trained, educated and disciplined with a view toward maturity, [so as] not to constantly blaspheme (speak abusively or slanderously; vilify; malign; defame; give a false image or misrepresent in a way that hinders the Light).