2 Timothy

JMNT(i) 1 Paul, one sent off with a commission pertaining to (or: from) Christ Jesus through God's will, intent and purpose, down from, in line with and with a view to [the] promise of Life – the one [which is] resident within Christ Jesus (or: through God's design which corresponds to Life's promise, or the Promise, which is life: the one belonging to, pertaining to and from Jesus – in union with [the] Anointing), 2 to Timothy, a beloved child (or: brought-forth one; born one): Grace and favor, mercy, peace and harmony [= shalom] – from Father God, even Christ Jesus, our Lord (or: from God [the] Father, and Christ Jesus, our Owner). 3 I constantly hold grace in God (or: I am habitually having gratitude to God; I repeatedly possess favor, by God), in Whom (or: to, for, by or with Whom) I continually render sacred service – [handed down] from [the] ancestors (or: those born earlier; forefathers) – within a clean conscience (or: co-knowledge; a joint-knowing from shared seeing), as I constantly hold (or: am presently having) an unceasing remembrance (or: a memory which leaves no interval) about you within my expressions of need (or: seekings of aid; requests), by night and by day, 4 constantly and fully longing (or: by habit yearning upon [you]) to see you – having been reminded and being caused to be remembering your tears – so that I may be filled full of joy, 5 taking [other MSS: continually getting] a suggestion to my memory of the unhypocritical faith (or: the faith that is not overly critical of matters; the trust that is not deficient in its ability to sift and decide; the reliance which is not hyper-judgmental; a loyal allegiance that is not scrutinizing and judging from an inferior position, and then becoming gradually separated) resident within you, which first inhabited (made its home within) your grandmother, Lois, and then in your mother, Eunice. Now I have been persuaded and stand convinced that [it is] also within you. 6 For (or: Because of; With a view to) which cause I am periodically reminding you to habitually and progressively give life by fire again to (or: revive the fire of; cause the live coal to blaze up for; rekindle the dormant fire into flames of; to again put a spark to) God's [A reads: Christ's] effect of grace and result of favor, which has being (is; exists) within you through the imposition (or: the placing or laying upon) of my hands, 7 for you see, God does not give to us (or: did not supply for us) a spirit of cowardice (or: a Breath-effect or attitude of timidity in us), but rather [a spirit and attitude] of ability and of power, as well as of love and of soundness in frame of mind (of wholeness in thinking; of healthiness of attitude; of sanity; of sensibility; of controlled reasonableness; of rational moderation; anatomically: of a saved diaphragm). 8 Therefore, do not become ashamed of (or: You should not, then, be embarrassed by) the testimony of and from our Lord (or: the witness pertaining to our Master; the evidence which is our Owner), nor yet, [of; or: by] me, His bound-one (or: His prisoner). On the contrary, down from God's ability (or: in the sphere of power, which is God), experience things of bad quality (or: worthless encounters) together with [me] for the message of ease, goodness and well-being (or: But rather, corresponding to God's power, suffer evil and hardship with the evangel; But further, accept your share in bad treatment – in accord with the ability which comes from God – in [the Way of] the Good News), 9 pertaining to and from the One delivering and calling us (or: which is rescuing, healing restoring, saving and calling us) in a set-apart calling (or: to a holy invitation; for a separated and different sacred call); not corresponding to our works (or: down from our deeds; in accord with or on the level of our [ceremonial] activities), but on the contrary, corresponding to (down from; in accord with; on the level of) His own prior placing (or: previously setting-forth; thus: definite aim and purpose which He personally is bent on achieving), even grace: that [which is] being given to us within Christ Jesus (or: corresponding to His own predetermined purpose and the favor being given to us, [which is] belonging to and pertaining to Jesus, resident within Christ), before times having the qualities and characteristics of the ages (before [the] age-lasting time periods; prior to eonian times; = before [the] time segments of [the] ages [began]), 10 and now (at the present moment), being set in clear light so as to become visible (or: manifested) through the bringing to full light (or: the complete shining upon; the full appearance in light; the complete manifestation by light) of our Deliverer (Savior; Rescuer), Christ Jesus – on the one hand, idling down death (or: The Death) so as to make it unproductive and useless, yet on the other hand, illuminating (giving light to) life and incorruptibility (the absence of the ability to decay; un-ruinableness) through means of the message of goodness, ease and well-being – 11 into which (or: into Whom) I am placed (or: I was put): a herald (a public announcer; a proclaimer; a preacher) – even a person sent off with a mission (an envoy; a representative; or: = a messenger) – and a teacher [other MSS add: of the ethnic multitudes (nations; Gentiles; Goyim; non-Jews)]. 12 For (Because of; In view of) which cause I am also continuously experiencing (also: feeling; being affected by; suffering) these things. But still, I am not feeling shame (or: I am not experiencing embarrassment), for I have seen and thus know by Whom I have believed and now put my trust (or: in Whom I have relied and continue placing confidence), and I have been persuaded and am continuing convinced that He is able (He continues being powerful) to watch over, guard and protect – on into that Day – the deposit placed alongside of me (or: what is entrusted to my charge). 13 Keep on holding an outline and pattern (that which underlies and delineates the sketch or model) of words that continue giving health, healing and a cure (or: Habitually have a model of thoughts, ideas and messages [that] are being progressively sound and healthful) – ones of which you heard (or: hear) from my side – within the midst of faith (or: in union with trust) and love: that [which is] resident within Christ Jesus. (or: Continually be possessing the under-type – the one within [the] Anointing of Jesus – of healthful discourses and conversations which you heard from me, in faith and love.) 14 Watch over, guard and protect the beautiful deposit placed alongside [you] (or: the fine and excellent thing that is entrusted to [your] charge) through means of [the] set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit) [that is] continuously inhabiting us (or: by a set-apart spirit: the one constantly making its home within us). 15 You have seen, and thus know this, that all those within [the province of] Asia were turned away from me – of whom are Phygelus and Hermogenes. 16 May the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] give mercy to the house (or: household) of Onesiphorus, because many times (often; frequently) he refreshed me (he breathed back cool on me; he souled me up again), and he was not ashamed of (or: embarrassed by) my chain (= my imprisonment). 17 On the contrary, on coming to be in Rome, he urgently (quickly; diligently) searched for (or: seeks) me, and found (or: finds) me. 18 May the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] give to him to find mercy, beside [the] Lord [= Yahweh or Christ], within that Day! And how much (or: how many things) he gave in attending service within Ephesus, you yourself, by intimate experience, continue knowing better.