JMNT(i) 1 Paul, God's slave (a slave of God; one bound to, subjected under and owned by God), yet one sent away with a commission (as an emissary, envoy or ambassador) from, pertaining to and belonging to Jesus Christ (or: a representative of Jesus [the] Anointed), with a view to and corresponding to [the] faith of God's chosen folks (or: in line with a trust and loyalty possessed by and characteristic of God's selected and picked-out ones) and the full, accurate and precise intimate knowledge and experiential insight of Truth and Reality – the [truth and reality] corresponding to and in accord with reverence (or: down from goodness which produces virtuous conduct with devoutness, and in line with ease from a true relation to God) 2 [based; standing] upon an expectation (or: hope) of and from eonian life (life having the quality and characteristics of, and its source in, the Age [of Messiah]; life for and throughout the ages) which the non-lying God (the God without falseness) promised – before eonian times (prior to the times belonging to the ages). 3 Now He manifests (or: brought into clear light) His Logos (His Word; the Thought from Him; the Reason, Idea, communication and expression from Him; the discourse pertaining to Him; and the message which is Him) in Its (or: His; or: their) own seasons, fitting situations and fertile moments within (or: in the midst of) a proclamation by a herald – which I, myself, was made to trust and believe – down from, in accord with and corresponding to a full arrangement (or: a setting-upon; a complete disposition; a precise placing in order; an injunction) of and from God, our Savior (Deliverer; Rescuer; Restorer to health, wholeness and our original condition). 4 To Titus, a genuine born-one (legitimate child [one born in wedlock]) down from and corresponding to a common and partnered (equally owned, shared and participated-in) faith, trust and loyalty: Grace (or: Favor), and peace [= shalom; A, C2 & others: mercy; compassion], [are; continue coming] from Father God (or: God [the] Father) – even Christ Jesus, our Deliverer (or: and [the] Anointed Jesus, our Savior, Rescuer and Restorer to health, wholeness and our original condition; as well as from [the Messiah], Jesus, our Safe-keeper). 5 From the source of, and because of, this grace and favor, I left [other MSS: was leaving] you off in Crete, so that you, yourself, could correct and amend – so as to be fully straight throughout the midst – the things habitually lacking, leaving defects or remaining undone, and [so] you, yourself, could thoroughly establish [the] older folks (or: correspondingly make [the] elders to stand fast and be firm), city by city, as I, myself, made thorough arrangements for you. 6 [Now] if anyone is normally not one being called up, or arraigned, before a judge (= habitually exists being one free from reproach); [is] a husband of one woman (or: wife), having trusting and believing children (or: born-ones that are full of faith); [is] not one in the midst of a [legal] charge (or: an accusation; being considered in a category) of being a person without healthful wholeness (or: of being unwholesome; being in a desperate case without hope of safety; being prodigal; being wasteful; being on an unsaved course; being incorrigible; being dissolute and debauched) nor [of] insubordinate [qualities] (things not put in submission; things not placed under the arrangement; un-subjected and unruly [traits]) 7 – for you see, it continues binding and necessary for the person who sets his eyes upon the distant goal, having a full-scope view, and successfully hits the target (or: the one who surveys, inspects and watches upon; the scout; the tender guardian who oversees with attentive care) to continue being one [that is] not normally called up, or arraigned, before a judge (= to habitually exist being one free from reproach). As God's house administrator (house manager; house dispenser and distributor; estate steward), [he should] not [be] one who pleases himself (or: gives himself to pleasure): not impulsive (prone to passion, irritation or anger; not ruled by his own mental bent, disposition or propensities; not one teeming with internal swelling or motion), not addicted to wine (or: beside himself with wine; = not a drunk), not quarrelsome and apt to strike another, not one eager for dishonorable, deformed or ugly gain. 8 But to the contrary, [he should be] fond of strangers (have affection for foreigners; be hospitable), [be] fond of the good and have affection for virtue and excellence, [be] whole, healthy and liberated (sound) in frame of mind and disposition ([be] sane), [be] fair and equitable, and in rightwised relationships within the Way pointed out, [be] loyal, dutiful and pure from all crime, [produce] inner strength ([be] self-controlled), 9 habitually holding himself firmly to (or: clinging face-to-face to) the full-of-faith Word (message; thought; idea; Logos; or: the faithful word) – down from, corresponding to and in line with the Teaching and training – to the end that he can be powerful and able both to be constantly encouraging (habitually performing as a paraclete; repeatedly exhorting; continually calling folks alongside to give them assistance or relief) in the teaching that continues being sound and healthy, and to repeatedly put to the proof so as to convince by demonstration, or to refute by exposure of the test, the folks habitually speaking in opposition and contradicting. 10 You see, many folks, especially those from out of the Circumcision (= the Jews), are (constantly exist being) insubordinate ones (not submitted to the arrangement; un-subjected to the order), empty, vain and profitless talkers, even seducers of the intellect (deceivers of the mind; people who mislead thinking), 11 who it continues necessary to repeatedly muzzle (gag; put something upon their mouth; or: reign them in), who are habitually turning-back whole households [i.e., into the Law cultus of Judaism] (or: = constantly upsetting entire families), repeatedly teaching things which it is binding to not [teach]: a “grace” of ugly (deformed; disgraceful) profit, gain or advantage! 12 A certain one of them, their own prophet (= poet), said, "Cretans [are] always (or: ever) liars, worthless little wild animals (little beasts of bad quality), inactive and idle bellies (= unemployed gluttons)." 13 This witness (or: testimony [of the poet Epimenides]) is true (genuine; real). Because of which case and cause, be repeatedly cross-examining them abruptly while cutting away [at the case] and bringing the question to the proof, so as to test and decide the dispute and expose the matter – to the end that they can be sound and healthy within the Faith and in union with trust and loyalty, 14 not habitually holding to (having [a propensity] toward; heeding and clinging in the direction toward) Jewish myths (or: fictions; or, possibly: oral traditions) and to implanted goals (impartations of a finished product within; inward directives; commands) whose source and origin is people (or: human commandments) [thus] continually being twisted and turned away from the Truth (or: reality). 15 To the pure folks, everything [is] pure (or: All things [are] clean for, with and in the clean ones). Yet to (or: for; in; with) those having been stained and remaining defiled (corrupted; polluted), and to (or: for; in) faithless people (those without trust; unbelieving ones), nothing is pure or clean – but rather, their mind, as well as the conscience, has been – and now remains – stained, defiled and corrupted. 16 They are repeatedly adopting the same terms of language, and habitually making confession and avowing to have perceived and now know God, yet they are constantly denying (repudiating; disowning; refusing) [this] by the works (in the actions and things done), continuing being detestable (abominable), incompliant (stubborn; disobedient; unpersuasive) and disqualified (disapproved; rejected after trial) with a view toward every good work (excellent and virtuous activity).