ECB(i) 1
Paulos, a servant of Elohim and an apostle of Yah Shua Messiah, according to the trust of the select of Elohim; and the knowledge of the truth according to reverence 2 in hope of eternal life; that the non-pseudo Elohim pre-evangelized preceding eternal times; 3 and in his own seasons manifests his word in preaching that which is entrusted to me according to the order of Elohim our Saviour: 4 To Titus - genuine child according to common trust: Charism, mercy and shalom, from Elohim the Father and Adonay Yah Shua Messiah our Saviour. 5
For this cause I left you in Crete to arrange what lacked; to seat elders in every city as I ordained you: 6 if any be unaccusable, the man of one woman, having trustworthy children, who are not under accusation of dissipation or insubordination. 7 For an episcopate, as the administrator of Elohim, must be unaccusable, neither selfpleasing nor wrathful, nor a winesop, nor a striker, nor avaricious; 8 but befriend strangers, befriend good, soundminded, just, merciful, self-controlled, 9 upholding the trustworthy word of doctrine; to be capable in sound doctrine both to beseech and reprove the contradicters. 10
For there are many insubordinate mataeologists and thought deluders - specially those of the circumcision 11 whose mouths must be stopped; who overturn whole houses doctrinating what they must not for shameful gain. 12 One of them - their own prophet said, The Cretians are ever liars, evil beasts, idle wombs. 13 This witness is true. For which cause reprove them severely to be sound in the trust; 14 not giving heed to Yah Hudaic myths and misvoth of humanity that turn from the truth. 15 Indeed, to the pure, all are pure: and to the defiled and trustless, naught is pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. 16 They profess to know Elohim; but in works they deny: being abominable and distrusting and disapproved to every good work.