Matthew(i) 1 Paule the seruaunt of God and an Apostle of Iesu Christ, to preache the faythe, of Goddes elect, & the knowledge of that truethe, whiche is after Godlynes, 2 vpon the hope, of eternall lyfe, whiche lyfe God that can not lye, hath promysed before the worlde beganne: 3 but hath opened hys worde, at the tyme appoynted thorowe preachynge which preachynge is commytted vnto me by the commaundement of God oure sauyoure. 4 To Titus hys naturall sonne in the common fayth. Grace, mercy, and peace from God the father and from the Lorde Iesu Christe oure sauyoure. 5 For thys cause left I the in Crete, that thou shouldest performe that whiche was lackynge, and shouldest ordeyne elders in euery cytye as I appoynted the. 6 Yf any be fautelesse, the husbande of one wyfe hauyng faythfull chyldren, whiche are not sclaundred of ryote, neyther are dysobedyent. 7 For a byshoppe must be fautelesse, as it becommeth the mynister of God: not stubborne, not angrye, no dronkarde, no fyghter, not geuen to fylthy lucre: 8 but herberous one that loueth goodnes, sober mynded, ryghtuous, holy temperate, 9 and suche as cleaueth vnto the true worde of doctryne, that he maye be able to exhorte wyth wholesome learnynge, and to improue them, that saye agaynste it. 10 For there are many dysobedyent: & talkers of vanitye and disceyuers of myndes, namely they of the circumcision, 11 whose mouthes must be stopped: whiche peruerte whole houses teachynge thynges whiche they oughte not because of fylthy lucre. 12 One beyng of them selues, which was a poete of theyr owne, said: The Cretians are alwayes lyars, euil beastes and slowe belyes. 13 Thys wytnesse is true, wherfore rebuke them sharply that they may be sounde in the fayth, 14 and not takyng hede to Iewes fables and commaundementes of men that turne from the truethe. 15 Vnto the pure are all thynges pure, but vnto them that are defyled and vnbeleuynge, is nothynge pure: but euen the very myndes and consciences of them are defyled. 16 They confesse that they knowe God: but wyth the dedes they denye hym, and are abhomynable and dysobedient, and vnto all good workes discommendable.