2 Timothy

Matthew(i) 1 Paule an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the wyll of God to preache the promes of life which lyfe is in Christe Iesu. 2 To Tymothe his beloued sonne. Grace, mercy and peace from God the father, and from Christe Iesu oure Lorde. 3 I thanke God, whom I serue from myne elders with pure conscience, that wythout ceasyng I make mencyon of the in my prayers nyghte and daye, 4 desyrynge to se the, myndefull of thy teares: so that I be fylled with ioy, 5 when I call to remembraunce the vnfayned fayth, that is in the, whiche dwelte fyrste in thy graundmother Loys, and in thy mother Eunica: and am assured that it dwelleth in the also. 6 Wherfore I warne the that thou stere vp the gyfte of God whiche is in the, by the puttynge on of my handes. 7 For God hath not geuen to vs the spiryte of feare, but of power and of loue, and of sobrenes of mynde. 8 Be not ashamed to testifye oure Lorde, neyther be ashamed of me, whiche am bounde for hys sake: but suffre aduersitye also wyth the Gospell thorowe the power of God, 9 whiche saued vs and called vs with an holye callynge, not accordynge to hys owne purpose & grace whiche grace was geuen vs thorowe Christe before the worlde was, 10 but is nowe declared openlye by the appearynge of oure sauyoure Iesu Christ whiche hath put awaye deathe, & hath broughte lyfe and immortalitye to light thorow the Gospell, 11 whereunto I am appointed, a preacher and an Apostle and a teacher of the Gentyls: 12 for the whiche cause I also suffer these thinges. Neuerthelesse I am not ashamed. For I know whom I haue beleued, and am sure that he is able to kepe that whiche I haue commytted to hys kepyng, agaynst that daye. 13 Se thou haue the ensample of the holsome wordes, whiche thou heardest of me in faythe and loue whiche is in Iesus Christe. 14 That good thynge, whiche was commytted to thy kepynge, kepe in the holy ghoste which dwelleth in vs. 15 Thys thou knowest howe that all they whiche are in Asia, be turned from me. Of whiche sorte are Phygelos and Hermogenes. 16 The Lorde geue mercye vnto the house of Onesiphoras, for he ofte refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chayne: 17 but when he was at Rome, he sought me oute very dylygently, and founde me. 18 The Lorde graunte vnto hym that he maye fynde mercye with the Lorde at that daye. And in howe manye thinges he mynystred vnto me at Ephesus thou knowest very well.