2 Timothy

  1 G3972 παυλος PAUL, G652 αποστολος APOSTLE G2424 ιησου OF JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST G1223 δια BY "THE" G2307 θεληματος WILL G2316 θεου OF GOD G2596 κατ ACCORDING TO G1860 επαγγελιαν PROMISE G2222 ζωης OF LIFE G3588 της WHICH "IS" G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G2424 ιησου JESUS,
  2 G5095 τιμοθεω TO TIMOTHY " MY " G27 αγαπητω BELOVED G5043 τεκνω CHILD : G5485 χαρις GRACE, G1656 ελεος MERCY, G1515 ειρηνη PEACE G575 απο FROM G2316 θεου GOD "THE" G3962 πατρος FATHER G2532 και AND G5547 χριστου CHRIST G2424 ιησου JESUS G3588 του   G2962 κυριου   G2257 ημων OUR LORD.
  3 G5485 χαριν   G2192 (G5719) εχω   G3588 τω I AM THANKFUL G2316 θεω TO GOD, G3739 ω WHOM G3000 (G5719) λατρευω I SERVE G575 απο FROM " MY " G4269 προγονων FOREFATHERS G1722 εν WITH G2513 καθαρα PURE G4893 συνειδησει CONSCIENCE, G5613 ως HOW G88 αδιαλειπτον UNCEASINGLY G2192 (G5719) εχω I HAVE G3588 την THE G4012 περι OF G4675 σου THEE G3417 μνειαν REMEMBRANCE G1722 εν IN G3588 ταις   G1162 δεησεσιν   G3450 μου MY SUPPLICATIONS G3571 νυκτος NIGHT G2532 και AND G2250 ημερας DAY,
  4 G1971 (G5723) επιποθων LONGING G4571 σε THEE G1492 (G5629) ιδειν TO SEE, G3415 (G5772) μεμνημενος REMEMBERING G4675 σου   G3588 των THY G1144 δακρυων TEARS, G2443 ινα THAT G5479 χαρας WITH JOY G4137 (G5686) πληρωθω I MAY BE FILLED;
  5 G5280 υπομνησιν REMEMBRANCE G2983 (G5723) λαμβανων TAKING G3588 της OF THE G1722 εν IN G4671 σοι THEE G505 ανυποκριτου UNFEIGNED G4102 πιστεως FAITH, G3748 ητις WHICH G1774 (G5656) ενωκησεν DWELT G4412 πρωτον FIRST G1722 εν IN G3588 τη   G3125 μαμμη   G4675 σου THY GRANDMOTHER G3090 λωιδι LOIS G2532 και AND G3588 τη IN G3384 μητρι MOTHER G4675 σου THY G2131 ευνεικη EUNICE, G3982 (G5769) πεπεισμαι   G1161 δε AND I AM PERSUADED G3754 οτι THAT G2532 και ALSO G1722 εν IN G4671 σοι THEE.
  6 G1223 δι FOR G3739 ην WHICH G156 αιτιαν CAUSE G363 (G5719) αναμιμνησκω I REMIND G4571 σε THEE G329 (G5721) αναζωπυρειν TO KINDLE UP G3588 το THE G5486 χαρισμα   G3588 του GIFT G2316 θεου OF GOD G3739 ο WHICH G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G1722 εν IN G4671 σοι THEE G1223 δια BY G3588 της THE G1936 επιθεσεως LAYING ON G3588 των   G5495 χειρων   G3450 μου OF MY HANDS.
  7 G3756 ου   G1063 γαρ FOR NOT G1325 (G5656) εδωκεν GAVE G2254 ημιν   G3588 ο US G2316 θεος GOD G4151 πνευμα A SPIRIT G1167 δειλιας OF COWARDICE, G235 αλλα BUT G1411 δυναμεως OF POWER, G2532 και AND G26 αγαπης OF LOVE, G2532 και AND G4995 σωφρονισμου OF WISE DISCRETION.
  8 G3361 μη NOT G3767 ουν THEREFORE G1870 (G5680) επαισχυνθης THOU SHOULDEST BE ASHAMED OF G3588 το THE G3142 μαρτυριον TESTIMONY G3588 του   G2962 κυριου   G2257 ημων OF OUR LORD, G3366 μηδε NOR G1691 εμε ME G3588 τον   G1198 δεσμιον   G846 αυτου HIS PRISONER; G235 αλλα BUT G4777 (G5657) συγκακοπαθησον SUFFER EVILS ALONG WITH G3588 τω THE G2098 ευαγγελιω GLAD TIDINGS G2596 κατα ACCORDING TO G1411 δυναμιν POWER G2316 θεου GOD'S;
  9 G3588 του WHO G4982 (G5660) σωσαντος SAVED G2248 ημας US G2532 και AND G2564 (G5660) καλεσαντος CALLED G2821 κλησει " US " WITH A CALLING G40 αγια HOLY, G3756 ου NOT G2596 κατα ACCORDING TO G3588 τα   G2041 εργα   G2257 ημων OUR WORKS, G235 αλλα BUT G2596 κατ ACCORDING TO G2398 ιδιαν HIS OWN G4286 προθεσιν PURPOSE G2532 και AND G5485 χαριν GRACE, G3588 την WHICH G1325 (G5685) δοθεισαν "WAS" GIVEN G2254 ημιν US G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G2424 ιησου JESUS G4253 προ BEFORE G5550 χρονων   G166 αιωνιων THE AGES OF TIME,
  10 G5319 (G5685) φανερωθεισαν   G1161 δε BUT MADE MANIFEST G3568 νυν NOW G1223 δια BY G3588 της THE G2015 επιφανειας APPEARING G3588 του   G4990 σωτηρος   G2257 ημων OF OUR SAVIOUR G2424 ιησου JESUS G5547 χριστου CHRIST, G2673 (G5660) καταργησαντος   G3303 μεν   G3588 τον WHO ANNULLED G2288 θανατον DEATH, G5461 (G5660) φωτισαντος BROUGHT TO LIGHT G1161 δε AND G2222 ζωην LIFE G2532 και AND G861 αφθαρσιαν INCORRUPTIBILITY G1223 δια BY G3588 του THE G2098 ευαγγελιου GLAD TIDINGS;
  11 G1519 εις TO G3739 ο WHICH G5087 (G5681) ετεθην WAS APPOINTED G1473 εγω I G2783 κηρυξ A HERALD G2532 και AND G652 αποστολος APOSTLE G2532 και AND G1320 διδασκαλος TEACHER G1484 εθνων OF "THE" NATIONS.
  12 G1223 δι FOR G3739 ην WHICH G156 αιτιαν CAUSE G2532 και ALSO G5023 ταυτα THESE THINGS G3958 (G5719) πασχω I SUFFER; G235 αλλ BUT G3756 ουκ NOT G1870 (G5736) επαισχυνομαι I AM ASHAMED; G1492 (G5758) οιδα   G1063 γαρ FOR I KNOW G3739 ω WHOM G4100 (G5758) πεπιστευκα I HAVE BELIEVED, G2532 και AND G3982 (G5769) πεπεισμαι AM PERSUADED G3754 οτι THAT G1415 δυνατος ABLE G2076 (G5748) εστιν HE IS G3588 την THE G3866 παραθηκην DEPOSIT COMMITTED "TO HIM" G3450 μου OF ME G5442 (G5658) φυλαξαι TO KEEP G1519 εις FOR G1565 εκεινην   G3588 την THAT G2250 ημεραν DAY.
  13 G5296 υποτυπωσιν A DELINEATION G2192 (G5720) εχε HAVE G5198 (G5723) υγιαινοντων OF SOUND G3056 λογων WORDS, G3739 ων WHICH "WORDS" G3844 παρ FROM G1700 εμου ME G191 (G5656) ηκουσας THOU DIDST HEAR, G1722 εν IN G4102 πιστει FAITH G2532 και AND G26 αγαπη LOVE G3588 τη WHICH "ARE" G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G2424 ιησου JESUS.
  14 G3588 την THE G2570 καλην GOOD G3872 παρακαταθηκην DEPOSIT COMMITTED "TO THEE" G5442 (G5657) φυλαξον KEEP G1223 δια BY "THE" G4151 πνευματος SPIRIT G40 αγιου HOLY G3588 του WHICH G1774 (G5723) ενοικουντος DWELLS G1722 εν IN G2254 ημιν US.
  15 G1492 (G5758) οιδας THOU KNOWEST G5124 τουτο THIS, G3754 οτι THAT G654 (G5648) απεστραφησαν TURNED AWAY FROM G3165 με ME G3956 παντες ALL G3588 οι WHO "ARE" G1722 εν   G3588 τη IN G773 ασια ASIA, G3739 ων OF WHOM G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS G5436 φυγελλος PHYGELLUS G2532 και AND G2061 ερμογενης HERMOGENES.
  16 G1325 (G5630) δωη MAY GRANT G1656 ελεος MERCY G3588 ο THE G2962 κυριος LORD G3588 τω TO THE G3683 ονησιφορου OF ONESIPHORUS G3624 οικω HOUSE, G3754 οτι BECAUSE G4178 πολλακις OFT G3165 με ME G404 (G5656) ανεψυξεν HE REFRESHED, G2532 και   G3588 την AND G254 αλυσιν   G3450 μου MY CHAIN G3756 ουκ   G1870 (G5681) επησχυνθη WAS NOT ASHAMED OF;
  17 G235 αλλα BUT G1096 (G5637) γενομενος HAVING BEEN G1722 εν IN G4516 ρωμη ROME, G4706 σπουδαιοτερον MORE DILIGENTLY G2212 (G5656) εζητησεν HE SOUGHT OUT G3165 με ME G2532 και AND G2147 (G5627) ευρεν FOUND "ME"
  18 G1325 (G5630) δωη MAY GRANT G846 αυτω TO HIM G3588 ο THE G2962 κυριος LORD G2147 (G5629) ευρειν TO FIND G1656 ελεος MERCY G3844 παρα FROM "THE" G2962 κυριου LORD G1722 εν IN G1565 εκεινη   G3588 τη THAT G2250 ημερα DAY G2532 και AND G3745 οσα HOW MUCH G1722 εν IN G2181 εφεσω EPHESUS G1247 (G5656) διηκονησεν HE SERVED G957 βελτιον BETTER " THAN I NEED SAY " G4771 συ THOU G1097 (G5719) γινωσκεις KNOWEST.