2 Timothy 2

JMNT(i) 1 You, then, my child (or: one born of me), be habitually enabled (continuously and progressively empowered; repeatedly made powerful inside) within the grace, and in union with the favor, [which are] within Christ Jesus (or: [by being] in union with [the] Anointing of Jesus). 2 And whatever you hear (or: heard) from my side through many witnesses, at once place (or: set) these things to the side for people full of faith (or: deposit and commit these things, in trust for safekeeping, to trustworthy and loyal people; inculcate these things in reliable humans) – whosoever will be competent (or: adequately qualified) to also teach others (or: different folks). 3 Experience things of bad quality (or: worthless encounters) together (or: Accept your share of bad treatment and evil) as a beautiful (ideal; fine) soldier of Christ Jesus. 4 No one serving a tour of duty as a soldier (currently performing military service or being at war) habitually intertwines or entangles himself in (or: by) everyday affairs (undertakings and activities; business performances) of the course of life (or: of making a living), in order that he may please (or: be acceptable to) the one enlisting him in military service (the one collecting soldiers to gather an army). 5 So also, if anyone may be repeatedly competing in the athletic games, he is not normally being crowned with a winner's wreath if he does not compete lawfully (according to the rules of the game). 6 It is constantly binding (It is of continual necessity) for the farmer (or: field worker) that is habitually laboring in the field to be repeatedly first in taking a share of the fruits. 7 [So] give constant thought to (or: Continually put your mind to, so as to perceive and understand) what I am now saying, for you see, the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] will continue giving comprehension and understanding (a sending and bringing things together into union) to you (for you; in you) within all things and among all people. 8 Be habitually keeping in mind (or: remembering) Jesus Christ, being the One having been aroused and raised, and now continuing risen, forth from out of the midst of dead folks: from out of David's seed! (or: = [Who came] forth from David's descendants.) – corresponding to and in the sphere of my message of goodness, ease and well-being (or: in line with the good news that came through me), 9 in which I am continually experiencing bad situations (suffering evil; experiencing bad treatment and conditions of poor quality) to the point of bonds (fetters or imprisonment) as a worthless worker (a criminal; one who acts badly; a worker of evil), but by comparison, the Word of God (or: God's thought, idea and message) has not been bound or imprisoned, and thus remains untied! 10 Because of this [fact], I continue remaining under to support all people and to patiently endure all [situations], on account of (= for the sake of) the selected and picked-out folks (the chosen-out people; the elect group; the choice ones), to the end that they, also, may hit the target of deliverance (rescue; health and wholeness; salvation) – that [which is] within Christ Jesus (or: the one pertaining to Jesus, resident within Christ: inherent in the Anointing) – together with glory (or: an appearance; an opinion; an imagination; a manifestation which calls forth praise) which has the characteristics and qualities of the Age (or: eonian glory; an age-lasting reputation). 11 The Word (or: Logos) [is] full of faith. (or: Trustworthy [is] this statement and the message:) For since we died together with [Him] (or: For if we jointly die), we will also continue living together (or: proceed jointly living; constantly co-live); 12 since we are continuously remaining under for support (or: if we continue patiently enduring), we will also continue reigning (ruling as kings) together with [Him]; if we shall continue denying (disowning; not consenting; renouncing; turning our back on [other MSS: are repeatedly denying]) [Him], That One also will continue denying (disowning; not consenting to; renouncing; turning His back on) us. 13 [Yet] if we are habitually faithless (or: unfaithful; untrustworthy; disloyal; without trust or faith), That One is constantly remaining faithful (or: [Now] if we are repeatedly disbelieving or distrustful, That One continuously remains full of faith, trust, belief and reliance – That One constantly remains loyal and reliable), for to deny (disown; renounce; not consent to) Himself, it continues that He cannot (He is not able; He has no power)! (or: = You see, He cannot turn His back on Himself!) 14 [So] keep reminding [them of] (or: suggesting to [their] memory; causing [them] to think about) these things, repeatedly bearing thorough witness (giving full evidence and testimony) in the sight and presence of God [other MSS: {the} Lord {= Christ or Yahweh}], not to be constantly debating (or: fighting about words; contending over meaning of terms; entering into controversies) – [progressing] into [other MSS: upon] nothing useful or profitable; [leading] on to a downturn (or: an overturning; an upsetting; a negative turn of events [= the opposite of edifying]) of, or for, those folks continuing to listen and hear [it]. 15 Make haste, with earnest endeavor and diligence, to place yourself alongside as an approved and qualified workman, in and by God (or: to hand yourself over to and for God, as a tried and approved workman), one without cause for shame, consistently cutting a straight and direct [path {cf Prov. 3:6 and 11:5, LXX} in, to, or with] the Word of the Truth (or: habitually cutting an upright and erect [line through] the Word of Truth; continually cutting with the message of reality in a straight direction; constantly making a straight cut {or: wound} with the speech of this Reality; also: = dealing straightforwardly with the discourse of Reality; or: repeatedly dividing and marking out straight [boundaries] by the Reason which is Truth). 16 Yet continue staying at the periphery, going out around so as to avoid the profane, empty voices (the speeches or discussions without content which cross the threshold into the sphere of that which is not set-apart). You see, they will cut a passage forward (progress; advance) upon more aspects of irreverence (things pertaining to impiety or attitudes that lack awe), 17 and their word (speech; discussion; or: thoughts and ideas) will have (or: hold) pasture (or: pasturage) for gnawing and eating away like gangrene (or: a spreading ulcer) – of which sort are Hymenaeus and Philetus, 18 the very ones who miss the mark, deviating around the truth (or: reality), repeatedly saying a [other MSS: the] resurrection has already occurred, and constantly turn back (or: turn again; overturn) the faith, trust and loyalty of certain folks (or: of some). 19 Nevertheless (or: However), God's firm and solid deposit which is placed down (a deposit of money; treasure; or: a foundation; basis) stands, continuing to hold (or: have) this seal: " [The] Lord [= Yahweh] knows (or: knew) by intimate experience those being of Him (or: the ones that belong to Him; those having Him as their source), " [Num. 16:5; Nah. 1:7] and: "Let everyone repeatedly naming the Name of [the] Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] (or: by habit using the Lord's name) stand away from (withdraw from; keep away from) injustice (that which is unfair and inequitable, which negates relationship and does not correspond to the Way pointed out).” [Num. 16:26] 20 Now within a great house (= a palace), there are not only golden and silver containers, equipment and utensils, but also wooden ones and earthenware (ones made of baked clay). And on the one hand some which [come] into [use for] honor (things of value; = to be used on special occasions), on the other hand some which [come] into [use for] dishonor (things without value; = for everyday use). 21 If, then, anyone should ever clean himself out from these [aforementioned worthless, dishonorable and common] things, he will proceed being a container (or: utensil; piece of equipment) [placed] into [use for] honor and things of worth, having been set aside (dedicated and being one made sacred and holy) for honorable and valuable use by the Owner (Master of the house), one having been made ready and now being prepared, [directed and now proceeding] into every good work (or: virtuous action). 22 So repeatedly take flight away from the youthful (juvenile; adolescent) over-desires (or: rushing upon innovative things; or: full passions for revolutionary or modern wants), yet constantly run after and steadily pursue justice (fair and equitable dealings, in rightwised relationships corresponding to the Way pointed out; also = covenant participation), faith (trust; fidelity), love [and] peace, together with all those persistently (repeatedly; habitually) calling upon the Lord [= Yahweh or Christ] from out of a clean heart. 23 Yet further, consistently refuse (avoid; request to be away from) the stupid (dull; silly; foolish) and uneducated (ignorant; crude; untrained) questionings (seekings through discussions or debates; controversies), having seen and now knowing that they are repeatedly giving birth to (or: generating) fights (battles; conflicts). 24 Now it is continually binding for (or: it is a constant necessity to) a slave of [the] Lord (= Yahweh's or Christ's slave) not to be habitually fighting (or: it is not necessary for the Lord's slave to be battling or contending), but to the contrary [he/she] is to be gentle (kind; mild) toward all, qualified, skillful and able in teaching, one holding up under poor conditions (or: having an upward focus in bad situations; holding an “up attitude” in regard to evil), 25 in accommodating meekness and with consideration constantly educating (training; disciplining; instructing; correcting) those habitually setting themselves in complete opposition or who offer resistance. May not God at some time give a change of thinking to them (or: Would not God grant in them and supply for them a change of mind), [directing and leading them] into a full and accurate experiential knowledge of Truth and reality? 26 And then they can and may sober up (or: would come back to their proper senses) from out of the adversary's snare (or: forth from out of the midst of the trap of the person who thrusts something through folks) – being folks having been [previously] captured alive under (or: by) him, into the will (intent; design; purpose) of that one (or: that person).