1 Timothy 2

JMNT(i) 1 Consequently I am habitually calling you alongside to encourage, counsel and exhort you to first of all be constantly making petitions for needs, prayers (speaking, thinking and doing toward things being well), encounters (or: intercessions; meetings within situations to converse or hit and obtain the objective), [and] expressions of gratitude (or: of the goodness of grace and favor) over (or: on behalf of; for) all mankind (humanity) – 2 over (or: for) kings and all those being folks within a position of holding control over (or: above) [others] (or: being in superiority or high station), to the end that we may continuously lead (or: carry through) a course of life that is still – at rest (free from all agitation or disturbance with tranquility arising from without), and also quiet – peaceable (gentle, exciting no disturbance in others, with tranquility arising from within) in all reverence (pious and devout relations with everything) and majestic seriousness (dignity and gravity which inspire awe). 3 This [is] beautiful (fine; ideal) and welcomingly received from the presence of, and in the sight of, God, our Deliverer (our Savior; the One Who heals us and makes us whole, restoring us to our original state and condition), 4 Who is constantly willing (continuously intending and purposing) all mankind (all humanity) to be saved (delivered; rescued; made healthy and whole), and (or: even) to come into a full, accurate, experiential and intimate knowledge and insight of Truth (or: into a realization of reality), 5 for God [is] One, and One [is the] Mediator of God and mankind, a Man, Christ Jesus (or: for [there is] one God, and one medium between God and humans, [the] human, Anointed Jesus), 6 the One giving Himself a correspondent ransom (a ransom in the place of and directed toward the situation) over [the situation of and] on behalf of (or: for) all (everyone; all humanity and all things) – the witness [note: “the witness” is omitted by A; other MSS: the evidence of which] [will come] in its own fitting situations (or: the Witness for their own seasons; the Testimony to and for His own particular occasions; the evidence [appears] in its own fertile moments) – 7 into the midst of which I, a preacher (or: herald) and one sent with a mission (an envoy and representative), was placed (or: am set) – I am speaking truth, I am not lying – a teacher of multitudes (nations; the multiplied ethnic groups; non-Jews), within faith and Truth (or: in union with trust and reality). 8 I am wanting and intending, then, the men (adult males) within every place to habitually pray (constantly think, speak and act toward having ease, goodness and well-being), continually lifting up loyal and dutiful hands that are pure from all crime, apart from impulse of intrinsic fervor (or: passion and swelling desire; or: anger, indignation or wrath) and reasonings (debates; divisions in thinking; dialogues; computations). 9 Likewise, women to habitually adorn and arrange themselves in an ordered and arranged system of proper behavior and descent clothing: with modesty, so as to be unseen (or: as having downcast eyes), and soundness of mind (sanity and sensibility), not in braids (or: inter-weavings) and in golden ornaments, or in pearls or expensive garments, 10 but rather – what is suitable (proper; fitting; becoming) in (or: for; to) women giving instruction on reverence for God [note: refers to women who taught “God-fearers” in synagogues, to prepare these folks for conversion] – through good works and virtuous actions. 11 A woman (or: wife) must be habitually learning – within calm quietness (without making a fuss; in peaceableness and gentleness, exciting no disturbance in others, and with tranquility arising from within) – in union with every humble alignment while giving support (or: within every subordinate arrangement). 12 Now I am not turning upon a woman, so as to direct her to be habitually teaching (or: Yet I do not habitually turn on a wife, to regularly teach [her]) – neither to continually act in self-authority to use arms for murdering an adult male (or: = habitually to be a self-appointed master to domineer over a man [note: this may have been an exhortation against Gnosticism, and a possible rendering could be: And I am not permitting a woman to teach that she is the originator of a man]) – but rather to exist (or: be) within quietness (centered in gentleness, exciting no disturbance, with tranquility arising from within) – 13 for you see, Adam was molded and formed first, thereafter (or: next), Eve. 14 Also, Adam was not seduced and deceived, but the woman being completely cheated out by seduction (or: thoroughly deluded) has come to be and exists within deviation (transgression; a stepping by the side), 15 yet she will be delivered (rescued; saved; made whole and restored to her original state and condition) through the Birth (or: birthing) of the Child – should they dwell (abide) within faith (and: trust) and love and the results of being set-apart (holiness; the quality of sacred difference), with soundness of mind (sanity; sensibility). The Word [is] full of faith! (or: Trustworthy [is] this message.)