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Job 15:34

  34 H5712 For the company H2611 of hypocrites H1565 shall be desolate, H784 and fire H398 [H8804] shall consume H168 the tents H7810 of bribery.

Proverbs 28:21

  21 H5234 [H8687] To have respect H6440 of persons H2896 is not good: H6595 for a piece H3899 of bread H1397 that man H6586 [H8799] will transgress.

Isaiah 1:23

  23 H8269 Thy princes H5637 [H8802] are rebellious, H2270 and companions H1590 of thieves: H157 [H8802] every one loveth H7810 bribes, H7291 [H8802] and followeth H8021 after rewards: H8199 [H8799] they judge H3490 not the fatherless, H7379 neither doth the cause H490 of the widow H935 [H8799] come to them.

Matthew 28:12-15

  12 G2532 And G4863 [G5685] when they were assembled G3326 with G4245 the elders, G5037 and G2983 [G5631] had taken G4824 counsel, G1325 [G5656] they gave G2425 a sufficient G694 sum of money G4757 to the soldiers,
  13 G3004 [G5723] Saying, G2036 [G5628] Say ye, G3754   G846 His G3101 disciples G2064 [G5631] came G3571 by night, G2813 [G5656] and stole G846 him G2257 away while we G2837 [G5746] slept.
  14 G2532 And G1437 if G5124 this G191 0 shall come G1909 to G2232 the governor's G191 [G5686] ears, G2249 we G3982 [G5692] will persuade G846 him, G2532 and G275 G4160 [G5692] secure G5209 you.
  15 G1161 So G2983 [G5631] they took G3588 the G694 money, G4160 [G5656] and did G5613 as G1321 [G5681] they were taught: G2532 and G3588   G3778 this G3056 saying G1310 [G5681] is commonly reported G3844 among G2453 the Judeans G3360 until G3588   G4594 this day.

Deuteronomy 16:19

  19 H5186 [H8686] Thou shalt not pervert H4941 judgment; H5234 [H8686] thou shalt not respect H6440 persons, H3947 [H8799] neither take H7810 a bribe: H7810 for a bribe H5786 [H8762] doth blind H5869 the eyes H2450 of the wise, H5557 [H8762] and pervert H1697 the words H6662 of the righteous.

Psalms 26:10

  10 H3027 In whose hands H2154 is mischief, H3225 and their right hand H4390 [H8804] is full H7810 of bribes.

Proverbs 10:2

  2 H214 Treasures H7562 of wickedness H3276 [H8686] profit H6666 nothing: but righteousness H5337 [H8686] delivereth H4194 from death.

Proverbs 21:14

  14 H4976 A gift H5643 in secret H3711 [H8799] pacifieth H639 anger: H7810 and a reward H2436 in the bosom H5794 strong H2534 wrath.

Isaiah 5:23

  23 H6663 [H8688] Who justify H7563 the wicked H6118 for H7810 reward, H5493 [H8686] and take away H6666 the righteousness H6662 of the righteous from him!

1 Timothy 6:10

  10 G1063 For G5365 the fondness of money G2076 [G5748] is G4491 the root G3956 of all G2556 bad things: G3739 for which G5100 some G3713 [G5734] reaching G635 [G5681] were led astray G575 from G4102 the faith, G2532 and G4044 0 pierced G1438 themselves G4044 [G5656] through G4183 with many G3601 griefs.

Ecclesiastes 7:7

  7 H6233 Surely oppression H2450 maketh a wise man H1984 [H8779] mad; H4979 and a gift H6 [H8762] destroyeth H3820 the heart.

Amos 5:12

  12 H3045 [H8804] For I know H7227 your many H6588 revolts H6099 and your mighty H2403 sins: H6887 [H8802] they terribly trouble H6662 the just, H3947 [H8802] they take H3724 a bribe, H5186 [H8689] and they turn aside H34 the poor H8179 in the gate from their right.

Proverbs 17:8

  8 H7810 A bribe H2580 is as a precious H68 stone H5869 in the eyes H1167 of him that hath H6437 [H8799] it: wherever it turneth, H7919 [H8686] it prospereth.

Proverbs 15:27

  27 H1214 [H8802] He that is greedy H1215 of gain H5916 [H8802] troubleth H1004 his own house; H8130 [H8802] but he that hateth H4979 bribes H2421 [H8799] shall live.

Proverbs 17:23

  23 H7563 A wicked H3947 [H8799] man taketh H7810 a bribe H2436 out of the bosom H5186 [H8687] to pervert H734 the ways H4941 of judgment.

Exodus 23:8

  8 H3947 [H8799] And thou shalt take H7810 no bribe: H7810 for the bribe H5786 [H8762] blindeth H6493 the wise, H5557 [H8762] and perverteth H1697 the words H6662 of the righteous.

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