Psalms 95:3 Cross References - Webster_Strongs

  3 H3068 For the LORD H1419 is a great H410 God H1419 , and a great H4428 King H430 above all gods.

Exodus 18:11

  11 H3045 [H8804] Now I know H3068 that the LORD H1419 is greater H430 than all gods H1697 : for in the thing H2102 [H8804] in which they dealt proudly he was above them.

Psalms 47:2

  2 H3068 For the LORD H5945 most high H3372 [H8737] is terrible H1419 ; he is a great H4428 King H776 over all the earth.

Psalms 48:1-2

  1 H1419 Great H3068 is the LORD H3966 , and greatly H1984 [H8794] to be praised H5892 in the city H430 of our God H2022 , in the mountain H6944 of his holiness.
  2 H3303 Beautiful H5131 for situation H4885 , the joy H776 of the whole earth H2022 , is mount H6726 Zion H3411 , on the sides H6828 of the north H7151 , the city H7227 of the great H4428 King.

Psalms 86:8-10

  8 H430 Among the gods H136 there is none like thee, O Lord H4639 ; neither are there any works like thy works.
  9 H1471 All nations H6213 [H8804] whom thou hast made H935 [H8799] shall come H7812 [H8691] and worship H6440 before H136 thee, O Lord H3513 [H8762] ; and shall glorify H8034 thy name.
  10 H1419 For thou art great H6213 [H8802] , and doest H6381 [H8737] wondrous things H430 : thou art God alone.

Psalms 96:4

  4 H3068 For the LORD H1419 is great H3966 , and greatly H1984 [H8794] to be praised H3372 [H8737] : he is to be feared H430 above all gods.

Psalms 97:9

  9 H3068 For thou, LORD H5945 , art high above H776 all the earth H5927 [H8738] : thou art exalted H3966 far above H430 all gods.

Psalms 135:5

  5 H3045 [H8804] For I know H3068 that the LORD H1419 is great H113 , and that our Lord H430 is above all gods.

Psalms 145:3

  3 H1419 Great H3068 is the LORD H3966 , and greatly H1984 [H8794] to be praised H1420 ; and his greatness H2714 is unsearchable.

Isaiah 44:8

  8 H6342 [H8799] Fear H7297 H7297 [H8799] ye not, neither be afraid H8085 [H8689] : have not I told H227 thee from that time H5046 [H8689] , and have declared H5707 it? ye are even my witnesses H3426 . Is there H433 a God H1107 besides H6697 me? verily, there is no God H3045 [H8804] ; I know not any.

Jeremiah 10:6-7

  6 H3068 Forasmuch as there is none like thee, O LORD H1419 ; thou art great H8034 , and thy name H1419 is great H1369 in might.
  7 H3372 [H8799] Who would not fear H4428 thee, O King H1471 of nations H2969 [H8804] ? for to thee doth it appertain H2450 : forasmuch as among all the wise H1471 men of the nations H4438 , and in all their kingdoms, there is none like thee.

Jeremiah 10:10-16

  10 H3068 But the LORD H571 is the true H430 God H2416 , he is the living H430 God H5769 , and an everlasting H4428 king H7110 : at his wrath H776 the earth H7493 [H8799] shall tremble H1471 , and the nations H3557 [H8686] shall not be able to abide H2195 his indignation.
  11 H1836 Thus H560 [H8748] shall ye say H426 to them, The gods H3809 that have not H5648 [H8754] made H8065 the heavens H778 and the earth H7 [H8748] , even they shall perish H772 from the earth H8460 , and from under H429 these H8065 heavens.
  12 H6213 [H8802] He hath made H776 the earth H3581 by his power H3559 [H8688] , he hath established H8398 the world H2451 by his wisdom H5186 [H8804] , and hath stretched out H8064 the heavens H8394 by his understanding.
  13 H5414 [H8800] When he uttereth H6963 his voice H1995 , there is a multitude H4325 of waters H8064 in the heavens H5387 , and he causeth the vapours H5927 [H8686] to ascend H7097 from the ends H776 of the earth H6213 [H8804] ; he maketh H1300 lightnings H4306 with rain H3318 [H8686] , and bringeth forth H7307 the wind H214 out of his treasures.
  14 H120 Every man H1197 [H8738] is stupid H1847 in his knowledge H6884 [H8802] : every goldsmith H3001 [H8689] is confounded H6459 by the graven image H5262 : for his molten image H8267 is falsehood H7307 , and there is no breath in them.
  15 H1892 They are vanity H4639 , and the work H8595 of errors H6256 : in the time H6486 of their punishment H6 [H8799] they shall perish.
  16 H2506 The portion H3290 of Jacob H3335 [H8802] is not like them: for he is the former H3478 of all things; and Israel H7626 is the rod H5159 of his inheritance H3068 : The LORD H6635 of hosts H8034 is his name.

Jeremiah 46:18

  18 H2416 As I live H5002 [H8803] , saith H4428 the King H8034 , whose name H3068 is the LORD H6635 of hosts H8396 , Surely as Tabor H2022 is among the mountains H3760 , and as Carmel H3220 by the sea H935 [H8799] , so shall he come.

Jeremiah 48:15

  15 H4124 Moab H7703 [H8795] is laid waste H5927 [H8804] , and gone up H5892 out of her cities H4005 , and his chosen H970 young men H3381 [H8804] are gone down H2874 to the slaughter H5002 [H8803] , saith H4428 the King H8034 , whose name H3068 is the LORD H6635 of hosts.

Daniel 4:37

  37 H3705 Now H576 I H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H7624 [H8743] praise H7313 [H8751] and extol H1922 [H8743] and honour H4430 the King H8065 of heaven H3606 , all H4567 whose works H7187 are truth H735 , and his ways H1780 judgment H1981 [H8683] : and those that walk H1467 in pride H3202 [H8750] he is able H8214 [H8682] to abase.

Malachi 1:11

  11 H4217 For from the rising H8121 of the sun H3996 even to the setting H8034 of the same my name H1419 shall be great H1471 among the Gentiles H4725 ; and in every place H6999 [H8716] incense H5066 [H8716] shall be offered H8034 to my name H2889 , and a pure H4503 offering H8034 : for my name H1419 shall be great H1471 among the heathen H559 [H8804] , saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts.

Malachi 1:14

  14 H779 [H8803] But cursed H5230 [H8802] be the deceiver H3426 , who H5739 hath in his flock H2145 a male H5087 [H8802] , and voweth H2076 [H8802] , and sacrificeth H136 to the Lord H7843 [H8716] a corrupt thing H1419 : for I am a great H4428 King H559 [H8804] , saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H8034 , and my name H3372 [H8737] is terrible H1471 among the heathen.

Matthew 5:35

  35 G3383 { Nor G1722 by G1093 the earth G3754 ; for G2076 [G5748] it is G846 his G4228 G5286 footstool G3383 : neither G1519 by G2414 Jerusalem G3754 ; for G2076 [G5748] it is G4172 the city G3173 of the great G935 King.}

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