H970 בּחר בּחוּר - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

בּחר בּחוּר
bâchûr bâchûr
baw-khoor', baw-khoor'
Participle passive of H977; properly selected, that is, a youth (often collectively)

KJV Usage: (choice) young (man), chosen, X hole.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


בּחר בּחוּר

1. youth, young man
Origin: participle passive of H977
TWOT: 231a
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

1) youth, young man

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First 30 of 45 occurrences of H970 בּחר בּחוּר

Deuteronomy 32:25 both the young man
Judges 14:10 for so used the young men
Ruth 3:10 young men,
1 Samuel 8:16 young men,
1 Samuel 9:2 a choice young man,
2 Kings 8:12 and their young men
2 Chronicles 36:17 their young men
2 Chronicles 36:17 upon young man
Psalms 78:31 the chosen
Psalms 78:63 their young men;
Psalms 148:12 Both young men,
Proverbs 20:29 of young men
Ecclesiastes 11:9 O young man,
Isaiah 9:17 in their young men,
Isaiah 23:4 young men,
Isaiah 31:8 and his young men
Isaiah 40:30 and the young men
Isaiah 42:22 in holes,
Isaiah 62:5 For as a young man
Jeremiah 6:11 of young men
Jeremiah 9:21 and the young men
Jeremiah 11:22 them: the young men
Jeremiah 15:8 of the young men
Jeremiah 18:21 let their young men
Jeremiah 31:13 both young men
Jeremiah 48:15 young men
Jeremiah 49:26 Therefore her young men
Jeremiah 50:30 Therefore her young men
Jeremiah 51:3 ye not her young men;
Jeremiah 51:22 the young man

Distinct usage

5 young men,
3 the young men
2 of young men
2 Therefore her young men
2 your young men
2 and my young men
1 for so used the young men
1 and his young men
1 For as a young man
1 and the young men
1 them: the young men
1 of the young men
1 both young men
1 young men
1 young men.
1 and young men
1 both the young man
1 ye not her young men;
1 in their young men,
1 their young men
1 upon young man
1 the young man
1 shall make the young men
1 their young men;
1 Both young men,
1 a choice young man,
1 and their young men
1 and of your young men
1 and young,
1 the chosen
1 O young man,
1 and the young men
1 let their young men
1 my young men:
1 in holes,

Corresponding Greek Words

bachur G1415 dunatos
bachur G3494 neanias
bachur G3495 neaniskos

Related words


H979 בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות be chûrôth be chûrôth be chûrı̂ym
בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות
be chûrôth be chûrôth be chûrı̂ym
(1,2) bekh-oo-rothe', (3) bekh-oo-reem'
Feminine plural of H970; also (masculine plural); youth (collectively and abstractly)

KJV Usage: young men, youth.

H980 בּחוּרים בּחרים bachûrı̂ym bachûrı̂ym
בּחוּרים בּחרים
bachûrı̂ym bachûrı̂ym
bakh-oo-reem', bakh-oo-reem'
Masculine plural of H970; young men; Bachurim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: Bahurim.

H977 בּחר bâchar

A primitive root; properly to try, that is, (by implication) select

KJV Usage: acceptable, appoint, choose (choice), excellent, join, be rather, require.

H972 בּחיר bâchı̂yr
From H977; select

KJV Usage: choose, chosen one, elect.

H2984 יבחר yibchar
From H977; choice; Jibchar, an Israelite

KJV Usage: Ibhar.

H4004 מבחור mibchôr
From H977; select, that is, well fortified

KJV Usage: choice.

H4005 מבחר mibchâr
From H977; select, that is, best

KJV Usage: choice (-st), chosen.