H979 בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות
be chûrôth be chûrôth be chûrı̂ym
(1,2) bekh-oo-rothe', (3) bekh-oo-reem'
Feminine plural of H970; also (masculine plural); youth (collectively and abstractly)

KJV Usage: young men, youth.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות

1. youth
Origin: from H970
TWOT: 231b
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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3 occurrences of H979 בּחרים בּחוּרות בּחרות

Numbers 11:28 one of his young men,
Ecclesiastes 11:9 of thy youth,
Ecclesiastes 12:1 of thy youth,

Distinct usage

2 of thy youth,
1 one of his young men,

Corresponding Greek Words

bechurot G3503 neotes