2 Chronicles 12

  1 H7346 And it came to pass, when Rehoboam H3559 [H8687] had established H4438 the kingdom H2393 , and had strengthened H5800 [H8804] himself, he forsook H8451 the law H3068 of the LORD H3478 , and all Israel with him.
  2 H2549 And it came to pass, that in the fifth H8141 year H4428 of king H7346 Rehoboam H7895 Shishak H4428 king H4714 of Egypt H5927 [H8804] came up H3389 against Jerusalem H4603 [H8804] , because they had transgressed H3068 against the LORD,
  3 H3967 H505 With twelve hundred H7393 chariots H8346 , and sixty H505 thousand H6571 horsemen H5971 : and the people H4557 were without number H935 [H8804] that came H4714 with him out of Egypt H3864 ; the Lubims H5525 , the Sukkiims H3569 , and the Cushites.
  4 H3920 [H8799] And he took H4694 the fortified H5892 cities H3063 which pertained to Judah H935 [H8799] , and came H3389 to Jerusalem.
  5 H935 [H8804] Then came H8098 Shemaiah H5030 the prophet H7346 to Rehoboam H8269 , and to the princes H3063 of Judah H622 [H8738] , that were gathered together H3389 at Jerusalem H6440 because H7895 of Shishak H559 [H8799] , and said H559 [H8804] to them, Thus saith H3068 the LORD H5800 [H8804] , Ye have forsaken H637 me, and therefore have I also H5800 [H8804] left H3027 you in the hand H7895 of Shishak.
  6 H8269 Upon which the princes H3478 of Israel H4428 and the king H3665 [H8735] humbled H559 [H8799] themselves; and they said H3068 , The LORD H6662 is righteous.
  7 H3068 And when the LORD H7200 [H8800] saw H3665 [H8738] that they humbled H1697 themselves, the word H3068 of the LORD H8098 came to Shemaiah H559 [H8800] , saying H3665 [H8738] , They have humbled H7843 [H8686] themselves; therefore I will not destroy H5414 [H8804] them, but I will grant H4592 them some H6413 deliverance H2534 ; and my wrath H5413 [H8799] shall not be poured out H3389 upon Jerusalem H3027 by the hand H7895 of Shishak.
  8 H5650 Nevertheless they shall be his servants H3045 [H8799] ; that they may know H5656 my service H5656 , and the service H4467 of the kingdoms H776 of the countries.
  9 H7895 So Shishak H4428 king H4714 of Egypt H5927 [H8799] came up H3389 against Jerusalem H3947 [H8799] , and took away H214 the treasures H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD H214 , and the treasures H4428 of the king's H1004 house H3947 [H8804] ; he took H3947 [H8799] all: he carried away H4043 also the shields H2091 of gold H8010 which Solomon H6213 [H8804] had made.
  10 H4428 Instead of which king H7346 Rehoboam H6213 [H8799] made H4043 shields H5178 of brass H6485 [H8689] , and committed H3027 them to the hands H8269 of the captains H7323 [H8801] of the guard H8104 [H8802] , that kept H6607 the entrance H4428 of the king's H1004 house.
  11 H1767 And when H4428 the king H935 [H8800] entered H1004 into the house H3068 of the LORD H7323 [H8801] , the guard H935 [H8804] came H5375 [H8804] and conveyed H7725 [H8689] them, and brought them again H7323 [H8801] into the guard H8372 chamber.
  12 H3665 [H8736] And when he humbled H639 himself, the wrath H3068 of the LORD H7725 [H8804] turned H7843 [H8687] from him, that he would not destroy H3617 him altogether H3063 : and also in Judah H1697 things H2896 went well.
  13 H4428 So king H7346 Rehoboam H2388 [H8691] strengthened H3389 himself in Jerusalem H4427 [H8799] , and reigned H7346 : for Rehoboam H259 was one H705 and forty H8141 years H1121 old H4427 [H8800] when he began to reign H4427 [H8804] , and he reigned H7651 H6240 seventeen H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem H5892 , the city H3068 which the LORD H977 [H8804] had chosen H7626 out of all the tribes H3478 of Israel H7760 [H8800] , to put H8034 his name H517 there. And his mother's H8034 name H5279 was Naamah H5985 an Ammonitess.
  14 H6213 [H8799] And he did H7451 evil H3559 [H8689] , because he prepared H3820 not his heart H1875 [H8800] to seek H3068 the LORD.
  15 H1697 Now the acts H7346 of Rehoboam H7223 , first H314 and last H3789 [H8803] , are they not written H1697 in the book H8098 of Shemaiah H5030 the prophet H5714 , and of Iddo H2374 the seer H3187 [H8692] concerning genealogies H4421 ? And there were wars H7346 between Rehoboam H3379 and Jeroboam H3117 continually.
  16 H7346 And Rehoboam H7901 [H8799] slept H1 with his fathers H6912 [H8735] , and was buried H5892 in the city H1732 of David H29 : and Abijah H1121 his son H4427 [H8799] reigned in his stead.