2 Chronicles 12

  1 H4438 It happened, when the kingdom H7346 of Rehoboam H3559 was established, H2393 and he was strong, H5800 that he forsook H8451 the law H3068 of Yahweh, H3478 and all Israel with him.
  2 H2549 It happened in the fifth H8141 year H4428 of king H7346 Rehoboam, H7895 that Shishak H4428 king H4714 of Egypt H5927 came up H3389 against Jerusalem, H4603 because they had trespassed H3068 against Yahweh,
  3 H3967 with twelve hundred H7393 chariots, H8346 and sixty H505 thousand H6571 horsemen. H5971 The people H4557 were without number H935 who came H4714 with him out of Egypt: H3864 the Lubim, H5525 the Sukkiim, H3569 and the Ethiopians.
  4 H3920 He took H4694 the fortified H5892 cities H3063 which pertained to Judah, H935 and came H3389 to Jerusalem.
  5 H8098 Now Shemaiah H5030 the prophet H935 came H7346 to Rehoboam, H8269 and to the princes H3063 of Judah, H622 who were gathered together H3389 to Jerusalem H6440 because H7895 of Shishak, H559 and said H559 to them, "Thus says H3068 Yahweh, H5800 ‘You have forsaken H637 me, therefore have I also H5800 left H3027 you in the hand H7895 of Shishak.'"
  6 H8269 Then the princes H3478 of Israel H4428 and the king H3665 humbled H559 themselves; and they said, H3068 "Yahweh H6662 is righteous."
  7 H3068 When Yahweh H7200 saw H3665 that they humbled H1697 themselves, the word H3068 of Yahweh H8098 came to Shemaiah, H559 saying, H3665 "They have humbled H7843 themselves. I will not destroy H5414 them; but I will grant H4592 them some H6413 deliverance, H2534 and my wrath H5413 shall not be poured out H3389 on Jerusalem H3027 by the hand H7895 of Shishak.
  8 H5650 Nevertheless they shall be his servants, H3045 that they may know H5656 my service, H5656 and the service H4467 of the kingdoms H776 of the countries."
  9 H7895 So Shishak H4428 king H4714 of Egypt H5927 came up H3389 against Jerusalem, H3947 and took away H214 the treasures H1004 of the house H3068 of Yahweh, H214 and the treasures H4428 of the king's H1004 house. H3947 He took H3947 it all away. He also took away H4043 the shields H2091 of gold H8010 which Solomon H6213 had made.
  10 H4428 King H7346 Rehoboam H6213 made H4043 in their place shields H5178 of brass, H6485 and committed H3027 them to the hands H8269 of the captains H7323 of the guard, H8104 who kept H6607 the door H4428 of the king's H1004 house.
  11 H1767 It was so, that as often H4428 as the king H935 entered H1004 into the house H3068 of Yahweh, H7323 the guard H935 came H5375 and bore H7725 them, and brought them back H7323 into the guard H8372 room.
  12 H3665 When he humbled H639 himself, the wrath H3068 of Yahweh H7725 turned H7843 from him, so as not to destroy H3617 him altogether: H3063 and moreover in Judah H2896 there were good H1697 things found.
  13 H4428 So king H7346 Rehoboam H2388 strengthened H3389 himself in Jerusalem, H4427 and reigned: H7346 for Rehoboam H705 was forty - H259 one H8141 years H1121 old H4427 when he began to reign, H4427 and he reigned H7651 seventeen H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem, H5892 the city H3068 which Yahweh H977 had chosen H7626 out of all the tribes H3478 of Israel, H7760 to put H8034 his name H517 there: and his mother's H8034 name H5279 was Naamah H5985 the Ammonitess.
  14 H6213 He did H7451 that which was evil, H3559 because he didn't set H3820 his heart H1875 to seek H3068 Yahweh.
  15 H1697 Now the acts H7346 of Rehoboam, H7223 first H314 and last, H3789 aren't they written H1697 in the histories H8098 of Shemaiah H5030 the prophet H5714 and of Iddo H2374 the seer, H3187 after the way of genealogies? H4421 There were wars H7346 between Rehoboam H3379 and Jeroboam H3117 continually.
  16 H7346 Rehoboam H7901 slept H1 with his fathers, H6912 and was buried H5892 in the city H1732 of David: H29 and Abijah H1121 his son H4427 reigned in his place.