Isaiah 59

Matthew(i) 1 Beholde, the Lordes hand is not so shortened, that it can not helpe, neyther is his care so stopped, that it maye not heare. 2 But youre misdedes haue separated you from youre God, and youre synnes hyde his face from you, that he heareth you not. 3 For your handes are defiled with bloud and youre fyngers with vnryghteousnesse. Youre lippes speake lesinges, and your tong setteth oute wickednes. 4 Noman regardeth righteousnes, and noman iudged truely. Euery man hopeth in vayne thinges, and ymagyneth disceyte, conceyueth werynesse, and bringeth forth euyl. 5 They brede cockatrice egges, and weue the spyders webbe Who so eateth of their egges, dyeth. But yf one treade vpon them, there commeth vp a serpent. 6 Their webbe maketh no clothe and they maye not couer them with their laboures. Their dedes are the dedes of wickednes, and the worck of robbery is in their handes: 7 Their fete runne to euyll, & they make haste to shed innocent bloude. Their councels are wycked councel, harme and destruccion are in their wayes. 8 But the way of peace they know not. In their goinge is no equite, their wayes are so crocked, that whosoeuer goeth therin, knoweth nothinge of peace. 9 And this is the cause that equyte is so far from vs, and that ryghteousnes commeth not nye vs. We loke for light, lo, it is darcknesse: for the morninge shine, se we walke in the darcke. 10 We grope like the blinde vpon the wal, we grope euen as one that hath none eyes. We stomble at the none daye, as thoughe it were toward night, in the fallynge places, lyke men that are halfe deade. 11 We roare all lyke Beeres, and mourne still like doues. We loke for equyte, but there is none: for health, but it is farre from vs. 12 For oure offences are many before the, and oure sinnes testifie against vs. Yea we must confesse that we offende, and knowledge that we do amysse: 13 Namely transgresse and dissemble agaynst the Lorde, and fall awaye from oure God: vsinge presumptuous and trayterous ymaginacions, and castynge false matters in oure hertes. 14 And therfore is equyte gone a syde, & ryghteousnes standeth farre of: truthe is fallen doune in the strete, and the thinge that is playne and open, maye not be shewed. 15 Yea, the truth is layde in preson, and he that refraineth him selfe from euyl, must be spoyled. When the Lorde sawe this, it dyspleased him sore, that there was no where any equite. 16 He sawe also, that there was noman, whiche had pitie thereof, or was greued at it. And he helde him by hys owne power, and cleued to his owne ryghteousnes. 17 He put ryghteousnes vpon him for a brest plate, and set the helmet of health vpon his heade. He put on wrath steade of clothinge, and toke gelousye aboute hym for a cloke 18 (lyke as when a man goeth forth wrothfully to recompence his enemies, and to be auenged of his aduersaryes.) Namely that he might recompence and rewarde the Ilandes, 19 where thorowe the name of the Lorde might be feared, from the rysynge of the Sunne: and his magesty, vnto the goinge doune of the same. For he shall come as a vyolente waterstreame, whyche the winde of the Lorde hath moued. 20 But vnto Sion there shall come a redemer, and vnto them is Iacob that turne from wyckednesse, sayeth the Lorde. 21 I wyll make this couenaunt with them (sayeth the Lorde): My spirite that is come vpon the, and the wordes whyche I haue put in thy mouthe, shall neuer go out of thy mouthe, nor oute of the mouth of thy childers chyldren, from this tyme forth for euermore.