Isaiah 59

ECB(i) 1
Behold, neither is the hand of Yah Veh shortened from saving nor his ear heavy from hearing: 2 but your perversities separate between you and between your Elohim; and your sins hide his face from hearing you. 3 For you profane your palms with blood and your fingers with perversity; your lips word falsehoods your tongue mutters wickedness: 4 no one calls for justness and no one pleads for trustworthiness: they confide in waste and word vanity; they conceive toil and birth mischief: 5 they split the eggs of the hisser, and weave the web of the spider: he who eats their eggs dies, and the crushed egg splits into a hisser. 6 Neither their webs become clothes, nor cover they themselves with their works: their works are works of mischief and the deed of violence is in their palms. 7 Their feet run to evil and they hasten to pour innocent blood: their fabrications are fabrications of mischief; ravage and breaking are in their highways: 8 the way of shalom they know not and there is no judgment in their route: they make them perverted paths; whoever treads therein knows not shalom. 9 So judgment removes far from us and justness overtakes us not: we await light; and behold, obscurity: for brilliancies; and we walk in darkness: 10 we grope for the wall as the blind; and we grope as if we have no eyes: we falter at noon as in the evening breeze; in fertile fields as the dead: 11 we roar as bears - we all; and in cooing, coo as doves: we await judgment, and there is none; for salvation, and it removes far from us. 12 For our rebellions abound by the myriads in front of you; and our sins answer against us: for our rebellions are with us; and as for our perversities, we know them. 13 In rebelling and lying against Yah Veh; and departing from our Elohim: wording oppression and revolt; conceiving and muttering from the heart words of falsehood: 14 and judgment removes backward and justness stands afar off: for truth falters in the broadway and straightforwardness cannot enter. 15 Yes, truth lacks; and he who turns aside from evil, spoils: and Yah Veh sees, and it is evil in his eyes that there is no judgment. 16
And he sees that there is no man and astonishes that there is no intercessor: and his own arm saves him; and his justness sustains him: 17 and he enrobes justness as a habergeon and an helmet of salvation on his head; and for robes, he enrobes the clothes of avengement and covers with zeal as a mantle. 18 According to their dealings, thus he shalams fury to his tribulators, dealing to his enemies; he shalams to the islands. 19 Thus they awe the name of Yah Veh from the dusk and his honor from the rising of the sun. When the tribulator comes in as a river the Spirit of Yah Veh has him to flee. 20 And the Redeemer comes to Siyon, and to them who turn from rebellion in Yaaqov - an oracle of Yah Veh. 21 As for me, this is my covenant with them, says Yah Veh; My spirit which is on you, and my words which I set in your mouth, depart, neither from your mouth nor from the mouth of your seed, nor from the mouth of the seed of your seed, says Yah Veh, from henceforth and eternally.