Isaiah 59

  1 H2005 Behold, H3068 the Lord's H3027 hand H7114 is not shortened, H3467 that it cannot save; H241 neither his ear H3513 heavy, H8085 that it cannot hear:
  2 H5771 But your iniquities H914 have separated H996 between H430 you and your God, H2403 and your sins H5641 have hid H6440 his face H8085 from you, that he will not hear.
  3 H3709 For your hands H1351 are defiled H1818 with blood, H676 and your fingers H5771 with iniquity; H8193 your lips H1696 have spoken H8267 lies, H3956 your tongue H1897 has muttered H5766 perverseness.
  4 H7121 None calls H6664 for justice, H8199 nor any pleads H530 for truth: H982 they trust H8414 in vanity, H1696 and speak H7723 lies; H2029 they conceive H5999 mischief, H3205 and bring forth H205 iniquity.
  5 H1234 They hatch H6848 adder H1000 eggs, H707 and weave H5908 the spider's H6980 web: H398 he that eat H1000 of their eggs H4191 dies, H2116 and that which is crushed H1234 breaks out H660 into a viper.
  6 H6980 Their webs H899 shall not become garments, H3680 neither shall they cover H4639 themselves with their works: H4639 their works H4639 are works H205 of iniquity, H6467 and the act H2555 of violence H3709 is in their hands.
  7 H7272 Their feet H7323 run H7451 to evil, H4116 and they make haste H8210 to shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood: H4284 their thoughts H4284 are thoughts H205 of iniquity; H7701 wasting H7667 and destruction H4546 are in their paths.
  8 H1870 The way H7965 of peace H3045 they know H4941 not; and there is no judgment H4570 in their goings: H6140 they have made them crooked H5410 paths: H1869 whoever goes H3045 in it shall not know H7965 peace.
  9 H4941 Therefore is judgment H7368 far H6666 from us, neither does justice H5381 overtake H6960 us: we wait H216 for light, H2822 but behold obscurity; H5054 for brightness, H1980 but we walk H653 in darkness.
  10 H1659 We grope H7023 for the wall H5787 like the blind, H1659 and we grope H5869 as if we had no eyes: H3782 we stumble H6672 at noonday H5399 as in the night; H820 we are in desolate H4191 places as dead men.
  11 H1993 We roar H1677 all like bears, H1897 and mourn H1897 severely H3123 like doves: H6960 we look H4941 for judgment, H3444 but there is none; for salvation, H7368 but it is far off from us.
  12 H6588 For our transgressions H7231 are multiplied H2403 before you, and our sins H6030 testify H6588 against us: for our transgressions H5771 are with us; and as for our iniquities, H3045 we know them;
  13 H6586 In transgressing H3584 and lying H3068 against the Lord, H5253 and departing away H310 from H430 our God, H1696 speaking H6233 oppression H5627 and revolt, H2029 conceiving H1897 and uttering H3820 from the heart H1697 words H8267 of falsehood.
  14 H4941 And judgment H5253 is turned away H268 backward, H6666 and justice H5975 stands H7350 afar off: H571 for truth H3782 is fallen H7339 in the street, H5229 and equity H3201 cannot H935 enter.
  15 H571 Yes, truth H5737 fails; H5493 and he that departs H7451 from evil H7997 makes himself a prey: H3068 and the Lord H7200 saw H3415 it, and it displeased H4941 him that there was no judgment.
  16 H7200 And he saw H376 that there was no man, H8074 and wondered H6293 that there was no intercessor: H2220 therefore his arm H3467 brought salvation H6666 unto him; and his righteousness, H5564 it sustained him.
  17 H3847 For he put on H6666 righteousness H8302 as a breastplate, H3553 and a helmet H3444 of salvation H7218 upon his head; H3847 and he put on H899 the garments H5359 of vengeance H8516 for clothing, H5844 and was clad H7068 with zeal H4598 as a cloak.
  18 H5921 According to H1578 their deeds, H7999 accordingly he will repay, H2534 fury H6862 to his adversaries, H1576 recompence H341 to his enemies; H339 to the islands H7999 he will repay H1576 recompence.
  19 H3372 So shall they fear H8034 the name H3068 of the Lord H4628 from the west, H3519 and his glory H4217 from the rising H8121 of the sun. H6862 When the enemy H935 shall come in H5104 like a flood, H7307 the Spirit H3068 of the Lord H5127 shall lift up a standard against him.
  20 H1350 And the Redeemer H935 shall come H6726 to Zion, H7725 and unto them that turn H6588 from transgression H3290 in Jacob, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  21 H1285 As for me, this is my covenant H559 with them, says H3068 the Lord; H7307 My spirit H1697 that is upon you, and my words H7760 which I have put H6310 in your mouth, H4185 shall not depart H6310 out of your mouth, H6310 nor out of the mouth H2233 of your seed, H6310 nor out of the mouth H2233 of your seed's H2233 seed, H559 says H3068 the Lord, H5704 from henceforth and for H5769 ever.