Matthew(i) 1 These are the Sermons of Ieremy the sonne of Helkiah the prieste, one of them that dwelt at Anathoth in the land of Beniamin: 2 when the Lorde had fyrste spoken wyth him in the tyme of Iosiah the sonne of Amon kinge of Iuda, in the .xiij. yeare of his kingdome, 3 and so during vnto the tyme of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah kynge of Iuda, and vntill .xi. yeares of Zedekiah the sonne of Iosiah kinge of Iuda were ended: when Ierusalem was taken, euen in the fyfth Moneth. 4 The worde of the Lord spake thus vnto me: 5 Before I fashyoned the in thy mothers wombe, I did know the. And or euer thou wast borne, I sanctifyed the, and ordeyned the, to be a Prophete vnto the people. 6 Then sayde I: Oh Lorde God, I am vnmete, for I am yet but younge. 7 And the Lorde answered me thus: Saye not so, I am to younge. For thou shalt go to al that I shall sende the vnto, and whatsoeuer I commaund the, that shalt thou speake. 8 Be not afrayed of their faces, for I wilbe with the, to delyuer the, sayeth the Lorde. 9 And with that, the Lorde stretched oute his hande, and touched my mouthe, and sayde moreouer vnto me. Beholde I put my wordes in thy mouth, 10 & this daye do I set the ouer the people & kingedomes, that thou mayest rote oute, breake of, destroye, & make waste: and that thou mayest buylde vp and plante. 11 After thys, the Lorde spake vnto me sayinge: Ieremy, what seyst thou? And I sayde: I se a wakinge roade. 12 Then sayde the Lord: thou hast sene ryght, for I will watch diligentlye vpon my worde, to perfourme it. 13 It happened afterwarde, that the Lorde spake to me againe, and sayde: What seyst thou? And I sayd: I do se a seethinge pot, lokinge from oute of the North hytherward. 14 Then saide the Lorde vnto me: Oute of the Northe shall come a plage vpon all the dwellers of the lande. 15 For lo, I wil cal all the officers of the kingdomes of the north (saieth the Lorde.) And they shall come, and euery one shall set the seate in the gates of Ierusalem, and in al their walles round aboute and thorowe al the cytyes of Iuda. 16 And thorowe them shall I declare my iudgement, vpon all the wyckednesse of those men that haue forsaken me: that haue offered vnto straunge Goddes, and worshipped the workes of their owne handes. 17 And therfore gyrde vp thy loines, arise, and tell them al, that I geue the in commaundement. Feare them not, I will not haue the to be afrayed of them. 18 For beholde, this daye do I make the a strong fensed towne, an yron pyler, and a wall of stele agaynst the whole lande, against the kinges and myghtye men of Iuda, agaynste the priestes and people of the lande. 19 They shall fyght against the, but they shall not be able to ouercome the: for I am with the, to delyuer the, sayeth the Lord.