Jeremiah 35

Matthew(i) 1 The wordes, whiche the Lorde spake vnto Ieremy, in the raigne of Iehoakim the sonne of Iosiah Kynge of Iuda, are these: 2 Go vnto the house of the Rechabites, and cal them out, and brynge them to the house of the Lorde into some commodyous place, and geue them wyne to dryncke. 3 Then toke I Iazaniah the sonne of Ieremye, the sonne of Habaziniah, and his brethren and all his sonnes, and the whole houshold of the Rechabytes, 4 and brought them to the house of the Lorde, into the closet of the chyldren of Hanan the sonne of Iegedaliah the man of God: which was by the closet of the Princes, that is aboue the closet of Maasiah the sonne of Selum, whiche is the chefe of the treasurye. 5 And before the sonnes of the kynred of the Rechabites, I set pottes full of wyne, and cuppes, and sayde vnto them: Dryncke wyne. 6 But they sayde: we dryncke no wyne, for Ionadab the sonne of Rechab oure father commaunded vs sayinge: yea and youre sonnes shall neuer dryncke wyne, buylde no houses, sowe no sede, plante no vynes, 7 yea ye shall haue no vyneyardes: but for all youre tyme ye shall dwel in tentes, that ye maye liue longe in the lande wherin ye be straungers. 8 Thus haue we obeyed the commaundement of Ionadab the sonne of Rechab oure father, in al that he hath charged vs, & so we dryncke no wine all oure lyue longe: we nor our wiues, oure sonnes and oure doughters. 9 Neyther buyld we any house to dwell therin we haue also amonge vs neither vyneyardes nor corne lande to sowe: 10 but we dwell in tentes, we obeye, and do accordynge vnto all, that Ionahab oure father commaunded vs. 11 But now that Nabuchodonozor the Kyng of Babilon came vp into the lande, we sayde: come, let vs go to Ierusalem, that we maye escape the Hoste of the Caldees and the Assirians, and so we dwell nowe at Ierusalem. 12 Then came the word of the lord vnto Ieremy sayenge: 13 Thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israel: Go and tell whole Iuda & al the enhabitours of Ierusalem: Wil ye not be refourmed, to obey my wordes? saieth the Lord. 14 The wordes which Ionadab the sonne of Rechab commaunded his sonnes, that they shoulde dryncke no wine, are fast and surely kepte: for vnto this day they drincke no wine, but obeye their fathers commaundemente. But as for me, I haue stand vp early, I haue spoken vnto you, and geuen you earnest warnynge, and yet haue ye not bene obedient vnto me. 15 Yea, I haue sent my seruauntes, al the prophetes vnto you, I rose vp early, and sent you worde, sayinge: O turne you, euery man from his wicked waye: amende your lyues, and go not after straunge Goddes, to worshyppe them, that ye may contynue in the land which I haue geuen vnto you & your fathers but ye would neither heare me, nor folow me. 16 The children of Ionadab Rachabs sonne haue stedfastly kepte their fathers commaundement, that he gaue them, but this people is not obedient vnto me. 17 And therfore thus saieth the Lorde of Hostes the God of Israell: Beholde I will brynge vpon Iuda and vpon euery one that dwelleth in Ierusalem, al the trouble that I haue deuysed agaynst them. For I haue spoken vnto them, but they woulde not folowe. I haue called vnto them, neuertheles they woulde geue me no answere. 18 Ieremye also spake vnto the housholde of the Rechabites: Thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes the god of Israel: For so muche as ye haue obeyed the commaundement of Ionadab youre father, & kepte all his preceptes, and done accordynge vnto all that he hath bidden you: 19 Therefore thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes, the God of Israell: Ionadab the sonne of Rechab shall not fayle, but haue one of his stocke, to stand alway before me.