Jeremiah 24

Matthew(i) 1 The Lorde shewed me a vysion: Beholde, there stode two maundes of fygges before the temple of the Lord, after that Nabuchodonosor kynge of Babylon had led awaye captyue Iechoniah the sonne of Iehoakim kynge of Iuda, the mightie men also of Iuda, with the worckmaysters, and connynge men of Ierusalem, vnto Babylon. 2 In the one maunde were verye good fyges, euen lyke as those that be fyrst rype. In the other maunde were verye naughtye fyges, which might not be eaten, they were so euell. 3 Then sayde the Lorde vnto me, what seyste thou Ieremy? I sayde: fyges, wherof some be verye good, and some so euell, that no man maye eate them. 4 Then came the worde of the Lorde vnto me, after this maner: 5 Thus sayeth the Lorde the God of Israell: lyke as thou knowest the good fyges, so shall I knowe the men led awaye, whom I haue sent out of thys place in to the lande of the Caldees, for their profyte: 6 and I wyll set myne eyes vpon them for the best, for I will brynge them agayne in to this lande: I wyll buylde them vp, and not breake them downe: I will plante them, and not rote them out. 7 And I wyll geue them an herte, to knowe, how that I am the Lorde. They shalbe my people, and I wyll be their God, for they shall returne vnto me wt their whole herte. 8 And lyke as thou knowest the naughtye fyges, whyche maye not be eaten, they are so euell: Euen so wyll I (sayeth the Lorde) lett Zedekiah the Kynge of Iuda (ye and all hys princes, and the resydue of Ierusalem that remayne ouer in this lande, and them also that dwell in Egypte) to be vexed & plaged in all kyngdomes & landes. 9 And wyll make them to be a reprofe, a comen by worde, a laughinge stocke and shame, in all the places, where I shall scatre them. 10 I wyll sende the swearde, honger & pestilence amonge them, vntyll I haue cleane consumed them out of the lande, that I gaue vnto them and their fathers.