Jeremiah 23

Matthew(i) 1 Wo be vnto the shepherdes, that destroye, and scatre my flocke, sayeth the Lorde. 2 Wherfore, thys is the commaundement of the Lorde God of Israel, vnto the shepherdes that fede my people: Ye scatre and thrust out my flocke, & loke not vpon them. Therfore now wyll I vyset the wickednes of youre ymaginacyons, sayeth the Lorde: 3 And will gather together the remnaunt of my flocke, from all landes that I had dryuen them vnto, & will bringe them agayne to their pastures, that they maye growe and increase. 4 I wyll sett shepherdes also ouer them whiche shall fede them. They shall no more feare and drede, for there shall none of them be loste, sayeth the Lorde. 5 Beholde, the tyme commeth, sayeth the Lorde, that I will rayse vp the ryghtuous braunche of Dauid, which shall beare rule, and discusse matters wyth wysdome, & shall sett vp equyte & rightuousnes agayne in the earth. 6 In hys tyme shall Iuda be saued and Israell shall dwell without feare. And thys is the name that they shall call hym: euen the Lorde oure ryghtuous maker. 7 And therfore beholde, the tyme commeth, sayeth the Lorde, that it shall no more be sayde: the Lorde lyueth, which brought the chyldren of Israell out of the lande of Egypte: 8 But the Lorde lyueth, which brought forth, and led the sede of the house of Israell, out of the North lande, and from all countrees where I had scatred them, & they shall dwell in their owne lande agayne. 9 My herte breaketh in my bodye because of the false prophetes, all my bones shake: I am become lyke a droncken man (that by the reason of wyne can take no reste) for verye feare of the Lorde, and of hys holy wordes: 10 Because the lande is full of aduouterers, where thorow it is destroyed and mourneth, and the pleasaunt pastures of the deserte are dryed vp. Yee the waye that men take, is wycked, and their gouernaunce is nothinge lyke the holy worde of the Lorde. 11 For the prophetes & the prestes them selues are poluted ypocrytes, and their wyckednes haue I founde in my house, sayeth the Lorde. 12 Wherfore, their waye shall be slypperye in the darcknesse, where in they maye stacker and fall. For I wyll bringe a plage vpon them, euen the yeare of their visytacyon, sayeth the Lorde. 13 I haue sene foly amonge the Prophetes of Samaria that they preached for Ball, & disceyued my people of Israel. 14 I haue sene also amonge the Prophetes of Ierusalem foule aduouterye, and presumptuous lyes. They take the moste shamefull men by the hande, flatryng them, so that they can not returne from their wickednes. All these wyth their cytesyns are vnto me, as Sodom, and as the inhabitours of Gomorre. 15 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde of Hostes concernynge the prophetes: Beholde, I wyll fede them with wormwod, and make them dryncke the water of gall. For from the prophetes of Ierusalem is the sycknes and ypocrisye come in to all the lande. 16 And therfore the Lorde of Hostes geueth you this warnynge: Heare not the wordes of the prophetes, that preach vnto you, and disceyue you: for they speake the meanynge of their owne herte, and not out of the mouth of the Lorde. 17 They saye vnto them, that despyse me: The Lorde hath spoken it: Tush, ye shall prospere ryght well. And vnto all them, that walcke after the luste of their owne herte, they saye: Tushe, there shall no misfortune happen you. 18 For who hath sytten in the councell of the Lord, that he hath hearde and vnderstande, what he is aboute to do? Who hath marcked hys deuyce, and herde it? 19 Beholde, the stormy wether of the Lorde (that is his indignacyon) shall go forth, and shall fal downe vpon the head of the vngodlye. 20 And the wrath of the Lorde shall not turne agayne, vntyll he perfourme and fulfull the thoughte of his herte. And in the latter dayes ye shall knowe his meanynge. 21 I haue not sent these Prophetes (sayeth the Lorde) and yet they ranne. I haue not spoken to them, and yet they preached. 22 But yf they had contynued in my councell and herde my wordes: they had turned my people from their euell wayes and wycked ymagynacyons. 23 Am I then God that seyth but the thynge, whiche is nye at hande, and not that is farre of? Sayeth the Lorde. 24 Maye eny man hyde hym self so, that I shal not se him? sayeth the Lorde. Do not I fulfyll heauen and earth? sayeth the Lorde. 25 I haue herde well ynough, what the prophetes saye, that preache lyes in my name, sayinge: I haue dreamed, I haue dreamed. 26 How longe wyll this continue in the prophetes hertes, to tell lyes, and to preach the craftye sotylete of their owne herte? 27 Whose purpose is (wyth the dreames that euery one tell) to make my people forgete my name, as their forefathers dyd, when Baal came vp. 28 The prophet that hath a dreame, let hym tell it: and he that vnderstandeth my worde, lett hym shewe it faythfully. For what hath chaffe and wheate to do together? sayeth the Lorde. 29 Is not my worde lyke a fyre, sayeth the Lorde, and lyke an hammer, that breaketh the harde stone? 30 Therfore thus sayeth the Lorde: beholde, I wyll vpon the prophetes, that steale my worde priuely from euery man. 31 Beholde, here am I (sayeth the Lorde) agaynst the prophetes, that take vpon their tunges to speake: The Lorde hath sayde it. 32 Beholde, here am I (sayeth the Lorde) agaynst those prophetes, that darre prophecye lyes, and dysceyue my people with their vanities, and myracles, whom I neuer sent, ner commaunded them. They shall do thys people greate harme, sayeth the Lorde. 33 If this people, ether eny prophet or preste aske the, and saye: what is the burthen of the Lorde? Thou shalt saye vnto them: What burthen? Therfore wyll I cast you fro me (sayeth the Lord) because ye youre selues are a burthen. 34 And the prophet, preste or people that vseth this terme (the burthen of the Lord) hym wyll I viset, and hys house also. 35 But thus shall ye saye, euery one to another: What answere hath the Lorde geuen? or, what is the Lordes commaundement? 36 And as for the burthen of the Lorde, ye shall speake nomore of it: for euerye mans owne worde is his burthen, because ye haue altered the wordes of the lyuynge God the Lorde of Hostes oure God. 37 Thus shall euerye man saye to the Prophetes: what answere hath the Lorde geuen the? Or, what sayeth the Lord? 38 And not ones to name the burthen of the Lorde. Therfore thus sayeth the Lord: For so moch as ye haue vsed thys terme (the burthen of the Lorde) where as I not withstandinge sent vnto you and forbade you to speake of the Lordes burthen. 39 Beholde therfore, I wyll repute you as a burthen, & will cast you out of my presence: yee and the cytie also, that I gaue you and youre fathers: 40 & will brynge you to an euerlastynge confusyon, and in to soch a shame, as shall neuer be forgotten.
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