Song of Songs

Matthew(i) 1 2 O that thy mouthe woulde geue me a kysse, for thy brestes are more pleasaunt then wyne, 3 & that because of the good & pleasaunt sauoure. Thy name is a swete smelling oyntment, therfore do the maydens laue the: 4 yea, that same moueth me also to runne after the. The King hath brought me into his preuy chambre. We wil be glad and reioyce in the, we thynke more of thy brestes then of wyne: well is them that loue the. 5 I am black (O ye daughters of Hierusalem) like as the tentes of the Cedarenes, and as the hanginges of Salomon: 6 but yet am I fayre & welfauoured withal. Maruell not at me that I am so blacke: & why? the sunne hath shyned vpon me. For when my mothers chyldren had euel will at me, they made me the keper of the vyneyarde. Thus was I fayne to kepe a vyneyarde, which was not myne owne. 7 Tell me (O thou whom my soule loueth) where thou fedest, where thou restest at the noone daye: lest I go wrong, and come vnto the flockes of thy companyons. 8 If thou knowe not thy selfe (O thou fayrest among women) then go thy waye forthe after the fotesteppes of the shepe, as though thou woldest fede thy goates beside the shepeherdes tentes. 9 There will I tary for the (my loue) with myne host and mith my charettes which shalbe no fewer then Pharaos. 10 Then shall thy chekes & thy neck be made fayre, & hanged with spanges & goodly iewels: 11 a neck bande of golde will we make the with siluer butons. 12 When the king sitteth at the table, he shal smell my Nardus: 13 for a bondel of Myrre (O my beloued) lyeth betwixte my breastes. 14 A cluster of grapes of Cypers, or of the vyneyardes of Engaddi art thou vnto me, O my beloued. 15 O how fayre art thou (my loue) how fayre art thou? thou hast doues eyes. 16 O how fayre art thou (my beloued) how wel fauored art thou? Our bed is decketh wt floures, 17 the sylinges of our house are of Cedre tree, and our balkes of Cypresse.