Song of Songs 4

Matthew(i) 1 O how fayre arte thou, my loue, how fayre art thou? thou haste doues eyes, beside that whych lyeth hyd wythin. 2 They hearye lockes are lyke a flocke of shepe that be clipped, which go first vp from the washing place: where euery one beareth two twynes, and not one vnfruteful among them. 3 Thy lyppes are lyke a rose coloured rybonde, thy wordes are louely: thy chekes are like a pece of a pomgranate, besides that whych lyeth hyd wythin. 4 Thy necke is lyke the tower of Dauyd buylded wyth bulworkes, where vpon there hange a thousaunde shyldes, yea all the weapens of the gyauntes. 5 Thy two brestes are lyke two twins of yong roes, which fede among the lilies. 6 O that I myght go to the mountayne of Myrre, and to the hyll of franckincense: tyll the day breake, and tyl the shadowes be past awaye. 7 Thou arte all fayre, O my loue, and no spot is therin the. 8 Come to me from Lybanus, O my house, come to me from Libanus come soone the next way from the top of Amana, from the top of Sanir and Hermon, from the lyons dennes & from the mountaynes of the leopardes. 9 Thou hast wounded my hert. O my syster, my spouse, thou hast wounded my hert, with one of thyne eyes, & wyth one cheyne of thy neck. 10 O howe fayre and louely are thy brestes, my syster, my spouse? Thy brestes are more pleasaunte then wyne, and the smell of thyne oyntmentes passeth al spices. 11 Thy lyps, O my spouse, drop as the hony combe, yea milcke and hony is vnder thy tonge, and the smel of thy garmentes is lyke the smell of frankyncense. 12 Thou arte a well kepte garden, O my syster, my spouse, thou art a well kepte waterspringe, a sealed well. 13 The frutes that sprute in the, are like a very Paradyse of pomegranates with swete frutes: 14 as Cypresse, Nardus, Saffron, Calmus, and all the trees of Libanus: Myrre, Aloes, and all the best spyces. 15 Thou art a well of gardens, a well of lyuyng waters, whyche reune doune from Libanus. 16 Vp thou Northwynde, come thou southwynde, & blowe vppon my garden, that the smell therof may be caryed on eueryside: yea that my beloued may come into my garden, and eate of the frutes and apples that grow therein.