Song of Songs 8

Matthew(i) 1 O that I myght fynde the without, and kisse the, whom I loue as my brother whiche sucked my mothers brestes: and that thou woldest not be offended, 2 if I toke the, and broughte the into my mothers house: that thou mightest teache me, & that I might geue the drinke of spiced wyne and of the swete sappe of my pomgranates. 3 Hys left hand lyeth vnder my head and hys right hande embraceth me. 4 I charge you, O ye daughters of Ierusalem. that ye walke not vp my loue, nor touch her, tyll she be content her self. 5 What is she this, that commeth vp from the wyldernes, and leaneth vpon her loue? I am the same that waked the vp among the apple trees, where thy mother bare the, where thy mother brought the into the world. 6 O set me as a seale vpon thyne herte, and as a seale vpon thine arme: for loue is mightye as the death, and gelousy as the hell. Her cooles are of fyre, and a very flamme of the Lord: 7 so that many waters are not able too quenche loue, neither may the streames droun it. Yea, if a man wolde geue al the good of his house for loue, he should counte it nothinge. 8 When our loue is tolde our yong syster, whose brestes are not yet growen, what shal we do vnto her? 9 If she be a wall, we shall buylde a siluer bulwerke there vppon: if she be a tower, we shall fasten her with borders of Cedre tree. 10 If I be a wall, & my brestes like towres, then am I as one that hath founde fauoure in hys sight. 11 Salomon had a vyneyarde at Baal Hamon, thys vyneyarde delyuered he vnto the kepers: that euery one for the frute thereof should geue hym a thousand peces of siluer. 12 But my vyneyard, O Salomon, geueth the a thousand, and two hundreth to the kepers of the frute. 13 Thou that dwellest in the gardens, O let me heare thy voyce, that my companyons may herken to the same. 14 O get the awaye, my loue, as a roo or a yong hert vnto the swete smellynge mountaynes.