Daniel 12

  1 H6256 And at that time H4317 shall Michael H5975 stand up [H8799]   H1419 , the great H8269 prince H5975 which standeth [H8802]   H1121 for the children H5971 of thy people H1961 : and there shall be [H8738]   H6256 a time H6869 of trouble H1471 , such as never was since there was a nation H6256 even to that same time H6256 : and at that time H5971 thy people H4422 shall be delivered [H8735]   H4672 , every one that shall be found [H8737]   H3789 written [H8803]   H5612 in the book.
  2 H7227 And many H3463 of them that sleep H6083 in the dust H127 of the earth H6974 shall awake [H8686]   H5769 , some to everlasting H2416 life H2781 , and some to shame H5769 and everlasting H1860 contempt.
  3 H7919 And they that be wise [H8688]   H2094 shall shine [H8686]   H2096 as the brightness H7549 of the firmament H7227 ; and they that turn many H6663 to righteousness [H8688]   H3556 as the stars H5769 for ever H5703 and ever.
  4 H1840 But thou, O Daniel H5640 , shut up [H8798]   H1697 the words H2856 , and seal [H8798]   H5612 the book H6256 , even to the time H7093 of the end H7227 : many H7751 shall run to and fro [H8787]   H1847 , and knowledge H7235 shall be increased [H8799]  .
  5 H1840 Then I Daniel H7200 looked [H8804]   H5975 , and, behold, there stood [H8802]   H312 other H8147 two H259 , the one H2008 on this side H8193 of the bank H2975 of the river H259 , and the other H8193 on that side of the bank H2975 of the river.
  6 H559 And one said [H8799]   H376 to the man H3847 clothed [H8803]   H906 in linen H4605 , which was upon H4325 the waters H2975 of the river H7093 , How long shall it be to the end H6382 of these wonders?
  7 H8085 And I heard [H8799]   H376 the man H3847 clothed [H8803]   H906 in linen H4605 , which was upon H4325 the waters H2975 of the river H7311 , when he held up [H8686]   H3225 his right hand H8040 and his left hand H8064 unto heaven H7650 , and sware [H8735]   H2416 by him that liveth H5769 for ever H4150 that it shall be for a time H4150 , times H2677 , and an half H3615 ; and when he shall have accomplished [H8763]   H5310 to scatter [H8763]   H3027 the power H6944 of the holy H5971 people H3615 , all these things shall be finished [H8799]  .
  8 H8085 And I heard [H8804]   H995 , but I understood [H8799]   H559 not: then said [H8799]   H113 I, O my Lord H319 , what shall be the end of these things ?
  9 H559 And he said [H8799]   H3212 , Go thy way [H8798]   H1840 , Daniel H1697 : for the words H5640 are closed up [H8803]   H2856 and sealed [H8803]   H6256 till the time H7093 of the end.
  10 H7227 Many H1305 shall be purified [H8691]   H3835 , and made white [H8691]   H6884 , and tried [H8735]   H7563 ; but the wicked H7561 shall do wickedly [H8689]   H7563 : and none of the wicked H995 shall understand [H8799]   H7919 ; but the wise [H8688]   H995 shall understand [H8799]  .
  11 H6256 And from the time H8548 that the daily H5493 sacrifice shall be taken away [H8717]   H8251 , and the abomination H8074 that maketh desolate [H8802]   H5414 set up [H8800]   H505 , there shall be a thousand H3967 two hundred H8673 and ninety H3117 days.
  12 H835 Blessed H2442 is he that waiteth [H8764]   H5060 , and cometh [H8686]   H505 to the thousand H7969 three H3967 hundred H2568 and five H7970 and thirty H3117 days.
  13 H3212 But go thou thy way [H8798]   H7093 till the end H5117 be : for thou shalt rest [H8799]   H5975 , and stand [H8799]   H1486 in thy lot H7093 at the end H3117 of the days.