Daniel 12

ECB(i) 1
And at that time Michah El the great governor stands - who stands for the sons of your people: and there becomes a time of tribulation, such as never became since there was a goyim until that time: and at that time your people escape - every one found inscribed in the scroll. 2
And the many sleeping in the soil of dust awake - some to eternal life; and some to reproach and eternal contempt: 3 and they who comprehend with brilliance as the brilliance of the expanse; and they who justify many as the stars eternally and eternally. 4
cp Apocalypse 22:10 And you, O Dani El, shut the words and seal the scroll to the time of the end - many flit and knowledge abounds. 5 Then I, Dani El see, and behold, two others stand there - the one on this side of the lip of the river and the one on that side of the lip of the river: 6 and he says to the man enrobed in linen above the waters of the river, Until when end these marvels? 7 And I hear the man enrobed in linen above the waters of the river; and he lifts his right and his left to the heavens and oaths by him who lives eternally, For a season, seasons, and an half - at the finishing of the scattering of the hand of the holy people all these finish. 8 And I hear, but I discern not: and I say, O my Adonay, what is the end of these? 9 And he says, Go your way, Dani El: for the words are closed and sealed until the time of the end: 10 many purify themselves and whiten and refine; and the wicked do wickedly: and no one of the wicked discerns; and the enwisened discern comprehendingly. 11 And from the time they turn aside the continual and give the abomination that desolates is a thousand two hundred and ninety days. 12 Blithesome - he who awaits and touches the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days. 13 And you, go your way until the end: and then you rest and stand in your pebble at the end of the days.