Daniel 12

Matthew(i) 1 The tyme wil come also, that the greate Prince Michael, which standeth on thy people syde, shal aryse vp, for there shall come a tyme of trouble, such as neuer was, sens there beganne to be any people, vnto that same time. Then shal thy people be deliuered, yea, al those that be found written in the boke. 2 Many of them that slepe in the dust of the earth, shal awake: some to euerlastinge lyfe, some to perpetual shame and reprofe. 3 The wyse (suche as haue taught other) shall glyster, as the shynninge of heauen: and those that haue instructe the multitude vnto godlynesse, shall be as the starres, worlde without ende. 4 And thou O Daniel, shut vp these wordes, & seale the boke til the last time. Manye shal go aboute here & there, & then shal knowledge encrease. 5 So I Daniel loked, & beholde there stode other two, one vpon thys shore of the water, the other vpon yonder syde. 6 And one of them sayde vnto him, whiche was clothed in lynen, and stode aboue vpon the waters of the floud: How longe shall it be to the ende of the wonderous worckes? 7 Then hearde I the man with the lynen clothes, whiche stode aboue vpon the waters of the floude: when he helde vp his right and lefte hande vnto heauen, and sware, by hym whyche liueth for euer: that it shall tary for a tyme, two tymes and halfe a tyme: & when the power of the holy people is cleane scatred abroade, then shal al these thinges be fulfilled. 8 I hearde it well, but I vnderstode it not. Then sayde I: O my Lord, what shall happen after that? 9 He answered: Go thy waye Daniel, for these wordes shalbe closed vp, & sealed, till the last tyme: 10 & many shalbe purifyed, clensed and tryed. But the vngodly shal lyue wickedly, and those wicked (as many of them as they be) shall haue no vnderstanding. As for suche as haue vnderstandynge, they shall regarde it. 11 And from the time forth that the dayly offeringe shalbe put doune & the abhominable desolacyon set vp, there shalbe a thousande two hundreth & .xc. dayes. 12 O well is him, that wayteth, & commeth to the thousande .iij.C. & .xxxv. dayes. 13 Go thou thy way now, till it be ended: take thy rest, and byde in thy lot, till the dayes haue an ende.