Judges 14

  1 H8123 And Samson H3381 went down H8553 to Timnah, H7200 and saw H802 a woman H8553 in Timnah H1323 of the daughters H6430 of the Philistines.
  2 H5927 And he came up, H5046 and told H1 his father H517 and his mother, H559 and said, H7200 I have seen H802 a woman H8553 in Timnah H1323 of the daughters H6430 of the Philistines: H3947 now therefore get H802 her for me to wife.
  3 H1 Then his father H517 and his mother H559 said H369 unto him, Is there never H802 a woman H1323 among the daughters H251 of thy brethren, H5971 or among all my people, H1980 that thou goest H3947 to take H802 a wife H6189 of the uncircumcised H6430 Philistines? H8123 And Samson H559 said H1 unto his father, H3947 Get H3474 her for me; for she pleaseth me well.
  4 H1 But his father H517 and his mother H3045 knew H3068 not that it was of Jehovah; H1245 for he sought H8385 an occasion H6430 against the Philistines. H6256 Now at that time H6430 the Philistines H4910 had rule H3478 over Israel.
  5 H3381 Then went H8123 Samson H3381 down, H1 and his father H517 and his mother, H8553 to Timnah, H935 and came H3754 to the vineyards H8553 of Timnah: H3715 and, behold, a young H738 lion H7580 roared H7125 against him.
  6 H7307 And the Spirit H3068 of Jehovah H6743 came mightily H8156 upon him, and he rent H8156 him as he would have rent H1423 a kid; H3972 and he had nothing H3027 in his hand: H5046 but he told H1 not his father H517 or his mother H6213 what he had done.
  7 H3381 And he went down, H1696 and talked H802 with the woman, H3474 and she pleased H8123 Samson H3474 well.
  8 H3117 And after a while H7725 he returned H3947 to take H5493 her; and he turned aside H7200 to see H4658 the carcass H738 of the lion: H5712 and, behold, there was a swarm H1682 of bees H1472 in the body H738 of the lion, H1706 and honey.
  9 H7287 And he took H3709 it into his hands, H3212 and went on, H398 eating H1980 as he went; and he came H1 to his father H517 and mother, H5414 and gave H398 unto them, and they did eat: H5046 but he told H7287 them not that he had taken H1706 the honey H1472 out of the body H738 of the lion.
  10 H1 And his father H3381 went down H802 unto the woman: H8123 and Samson H6213 made H4960 there a feast; H970 for so used the young men H6213 to do.
  11 H7200 And it came to pass, when they saw H3947 him, that they brought H7970 thirty H4828 companions to be with him.
  12 H8123 And Samson H559 said H2330 unto them, Let me now put forth H2420 a riddle H5046 unto you: if ye can H5046 declare H7651 it unto me within the seven H3117 days H4960 of the feast, H4672 and find it out, H5414 then I will give H7970 you thirty H5466 linen garments H7970 and thirty H2487 changes H899 of raiment;
  13 H3201 but if ye cannot H5046 declare H5414 it unto me, then shall ye give H7970 me thirty H5466 linen garments H7970 and thirty H2487 changes H899 of raiment. H559 And they said H2330 unto him, Put forth H2420 thy riddle, H8085 that we may hear it.
  14 H559 And he said H398 unto them, Out of the eater H3318 came forth H3978 food, H5794 And out of the strong H3318 came forth H4966 sweetness. H3201 And they could H7969 not in three H3117 days H5046 declare H2420 the riddle.
  15 H7637 And it came to pass on the seventh H3117 day, H559 that they said H8123 unto Samson's H802 wife, H6601 Entice H376 thy husband, H5046 that he may declare H2420 unto us the riddle, H8313 lest we burn H1 thee and thy father's H1004 house H784 with fire: H7121 have ye called H3423 us to impoverish us? is it not so?
  16 H8123 And Samson's H802 wife H1058 wept H559 before him, and said, H8130 Thou dost but hate H157 me, and lovest H2330 me not: thou hast put forth H2420 a riddle H1121 unto the children H5971 of my people, H5046 and hast not told H559 it me. And he said H5046 unto her, Behold, I have not told H1 it my father H517 nor my mother, H5046 and shall I tell thee?
  17 H1058 And she wept H7651 before him the seven H3117 days, H4960 while their feast H1961 lasted: H7637 and it came to pass on the seventh H3117 day, H5046 that he told H6693 her, because she pressed him sore; H5046 and she told H2420 the riddle H1121 to the children H5971 of her people.
  18 H582 And the men H5892 of the city H559 said H7637 unto him on the seventh H3117 day H2775 before the sun H935 went down, H4966 What is sweeter H1706 than honey? H5794 and what is stronger H738 than a lion? H559 And he said H3884 unto them, If H2790 ye had not plowed H5697 with my heifer, H4672 Ye had not found out H2420 my riddle.
  19 H7307 And the Spirit H3068 of Jehovah H6743 came H3381 mightily upon him, and he went down H831 to Ashkelon, H5221 and smote H7970 thirty H376 men H3947 of them, and took H2488 their spoil, H5414 and gave H2487 the changes H5046 of raiment unto them that declared H2420 the riddle. H639 And his anger H2734 was kindled, H5927 and he went up H1 to his father's H1004 house.
  20 H8123 But Samson's H802 wife H4828 was given to his companion, H7462 whom he had used as his friend.