H5697 עגלה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

Feminine of H5695; a (female) calf, especially one nearly grown (that is, a heifer)

KJV Usage: calf, cow, heifer.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions



1. heifer
Origin: from H5695
TWOT: 1560b
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

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14 occurrences of H5697 עגלה

Genesis 15:9 me an heifer
Deuteronomy 21:3 an heifer,
Deuteronomy 21:4 the heifer
Deuteronomy 21:4 the heifer's
Deuteronomy 21:6 over the heifer
Judges 14:18 with my heifer,
1 Samuel 16:2 an heifer
Isaiah 7:21 cow,
Isaiah 15:5 an heifer
Jeremiah 46:20 heifer,
Jeremiah 48:34 as an heifer
Jeremiah 50:11 as the heifer
Hosea 10:5 because of the calves
Hosea 10:11 is as an heifer

Distinct usage

2 an heifer
1 me an heifer
1 an heifer,
1 the heifer
1 the heifer's
1 over the heifer
1 with my heifer,
1 cow,
1 because of the calves
1 is as an heifer
1 as an heifer
1 heifer,
1 as the heifer

Corresponding Greek Words

eglah G1151 damalis

Related words


H5698 עגלה ‛eglâh
The same as H5697; Eglah, a wife of David

KJV Usage: Eglah.

H5695 עגל ‛êgel

From the same as H5696; a (male) calf (as frisking round), especially one nearly grown (that is, a steer)

KJV Usage: bullock, calf.

H5700 עגלון ‛eglôn
From H5695; vituline; Eglon, the name of a place in Palestine and of a Moabitish king

KJV Usage: Eglon.

H5882 עין עגלים ‛êyn ‛eglayim
עין עגלים
‛êyn ‛eglayim
ane eg-lah'-yim
From H5869 and the dual of H5695; fountain of two calves; En-Eglajim, a place in Palestine

KJV Usage: En-eglaim.