2 Chronicles 19

  1 H3092 And Jehoshaphat H4428 the king H3063 of Judah H7725 returned H1004 to his house H7965 in peace H3389 to Jerusalem.
  2 H3058 And Jehu H1121 the son H2607 of Hanani H2374 the seer H3318 went H6440 out to meet H559 him, and said H4428 to king H3092 Jehoshaphat, H5826 Should you help H7563 the ungodly, H157 and love H8130 them that hate H3068 the LORD? H2063 therefore H7110 is wrath H6440 on you from before H3068 the LORD.
  3 H61 Nevertheless H2896 there are good H1697 things H4672 found H1197 in you, in that you have taken H1197 away H842 the groves H776 out of the land, H3559 and have prepared H3824 your heart H1875 to seek H430 God.
  4 H3092 And Jehoshaphat H3427 dwelled H3389 at Jerusalem: H3318 and he went H7725 out again H5971 through the people H884 from Beersheba H2022 to mount H669 Ephraim, H7725 and brought H7725 them back H3068 to the LORD H430 God H1 of their fathers.
  5 H5975 And he set H8199 judges H776 in the land H3605 throughout all H1219 the fenced H5892 cities H3063 of Judah, H5892 city H5892 by city,
  6 H559 And said H8199 to the judges, H7200 Take H7200 heed H4100 what H6213 you do: H8199 for you judge H120 not for man, H3068 but for the LORD, H1697 who is with you in the judgment. H4941
  7 H6258 Why now H6343 let the fear H3068 of the LORD H8104 be on you; take heed H6213 and do H369 it: for there is no H5766 iniquity H3068 with the LORD H430 our God, H4856 nor respect H6440 of persons, H4727 nor taking H7810 of gifts.
  8 H1571 Moreover H3389 in Jerusalem H3092 did Jehoshaphat H5975 set H3881 of the Levites, H3548 and of the priests, H7218 and of the chief H1 of the fathers H3478 of Israel, H4941 for the judgment H3068 of the LORD, H7379 and for controversies, H7725 when they returned H3389 to Jerusalem.
  9 H6680 And he charged H559 them, saying, H3541 Thus H6213 shall you do H3374 in the fear H3068 of the LORD, H530 faithfully, H8003 and with a perfect H3824 heart.
  10 H3602 And what H7379 cause H935 soever shall come H251 to you of your brothers H3427 that dwell H5892 in your cities, H996 between H1818 blood H1818 and blood, H996 between H8451 law H4687 and commandment, H2706 statutes H4941 and judgments, H2094 you shall even warn H816 them that they trespass H3068 not against the LORD, H7110 and so wrath H1961 come H251 on you, and on your brothers: H3541 this H6213 do, H816 and you shall not trespass.
  11 H2009 And, behold, H568 Amariah H7218 the chief H3548 priest H5921 is over H3605 you in all H1697 matters H3068 of the LORD; H2069 and Zebadiah H1121 the son H3458 of Ishmael, H5057 the ruler H1004 of the house H3063 of Judah, H3605 for all H4428 the king’s H1697 matters: H3881 also the Levites H7860 shall be officers H6440 before H6213 you. Deal H2388 courageously, H3068 and the LORD H2896 shall be with the good.