2 Chronicles 19

Coverdale(i) 1 Bvt Iosaphat the kynge of Iuda came home agayne in peace vnto Ierusalem. 2 And Iehu ye sonne of Hanani the Seer wete forth to mete him, & sayde vnto kynge Iosaphat: Shuldest thou so helpe the vngodly, and loue them that hate the LORDE? And for this cause is ye wrath vpo the from the LORDE: 3 neuertheles there is some good founde in the, that thou hast put the groues out of the londe, and hast prepared thine hert to seke God. 4 So Iosaphat abode at Ierusalem. And he wente agayne amonge the people, from Berseba vnto mout Ephraim, and broughte them agayne to the LORDE God of their fathers. 5 And he set Iudges thorow out the londe, in all the stronge cities of Iuda, and a certayne in euery cite. 6 And sayde vnto the Iudges: Take hede what ye do: for ye execute not the iudgment of man, but of the LORDE, and he is with you in iudgmet: 7 therfore let the feare of the LORDE be with you, and bewarre, and do it: for with the LORDE oure God there is no vnrighteousnes, ner respecte of personnes, ner acceptinge of giftes. 8 And at Ierusalem dyd Iosaphat ordeyne certayne of the Leuites and prestes, and of the awnciet fathers of Israel for ye iudgment of the LORDE, and ouer the matter of the lawe, and caused them to dwell at Ierusalem, 9 and commaunded them, and sayde: Se that ye do thus in the feare of the LORDE, in faithfulnes & in a perfect hert. 10 In all causes that come vnto you from youre brethren (which dwell in their cities) betwene bloude and bloude, betwene lawe and commaundement, betwene statutes and ordinaunces ye shal enforme them, yt they synne not against the LORDE, and so the wrath to come vpon you and youre brethren. Do thus, and ye shal not offende. 11 Beholde, Amaria the prest is chefe ouer you in all causes of ye LORDE: so is Sabadia the sonne of Ismael prynce in the house of Iuda in all the kynges matters: Ye haue officers likewyse the Leuites before you. Take a good corage vnto you, and be doynge, and the LORDE shalbe with the good.