2 Chronicles 19

Great(i) 1 And Iehosaphat the kynge of Iuda came home agayne in peace to Ierusalem. 2 And Iehu the sonne of Hanam the sear went out to mete hym, and sayde to kynge Iehosaphat: Woldest thou helpe the vngodly, and loue them that hate the Lorde? Therfore is wrath come downe vpon the, from before the Lorde. 3 Neuertheles, there are some good actes founde in the, in that thou hast hewen downe the groues out of the lande, and hast prepared thyne herte to seke God. 4 And so Iehosaphat dwelt at Ierusalem: & turned & went out to the people from Beerseba to mount Ephraim, & brought them again vnto the Lord God of their fathers. 5 And he set iudges in the lande thorowout all the strong cityes of Iuda, citye by citye: 6 & sayde to the iudges: take hede what ye do, for ye execute not the iudgmentes of man, but of God, which is wt you in the iudgement. 7 Wherfore nowe, let the feare of the Lorde be vpon you, and take hede, & be doyng the thynge that pleaseth hym. For ther is no vnryghtewesnes wt the Lord oure God: that he shulde haue any respecte of persones, or take rewardes. 8 Moreouer, in Ierusalem dyd Iehosaphat set of the leuites, and of the prestes and of the auncient fathers ouer Israel, in the iudgement & cause of the Lord. And they returned agayne to Ierusalem. 9 And he charged them saying: Thus shall ye do in the feare of the Lorde, wt the trueth & a pure herte: 10 What cause soeuer come to you of your brethren that dwell in their cyties, betwene bloud & bloud, betwene law and commaundment, betwene statutes & ordynaunces, ye shall warne them, that they trespace not agaynst the Lorde, & so wrath come vpon you & on youre brethren. Thus do, & ye shall not offende. 11 And behold, Amaria the hye prest is amonge you in all matters of the Lord, & Zebadia the sonne of Ismael, a ruler of the house of Iuda, he is ouer soch busynesses as concerne the kyng: there be offycers of the leuites also before you. Take courage to you therfore, and be doynge manfully: and the Lorde shalbe with soche as be good.