2 Chronicles 19

Wycliffe(i) 1 Forsothe Josaphat, kyng of Juda, turnede ayen pesibli in to his hows in to Jerusalem. 2 Whom the profete Hieu, the sone of Ananye, mette, and seide to hym, Thou yyuest help to a wickid man, and thou art ioyned bi frendschip to hem that haten the Lord; and therfor sotheli thou deseruedist the wraththe of the Lord; 3 but good werkis ben foundyn in thee, for thou didist awey wodis fro the lond of Juda, and thou hast maad redi thin herte, for to seke the Lord God of thi fadris. 4 Therfor Josaphat dwellide in Jerusalem; and eft he yede out to the puple fro Bersabee til to the hil of Effraym, and he clepide hem ayen to the Lord God of her fadris. 5 And he ordeynede iugis of the lond in alle the strengthid citees of Juda, bi ech place. 6 And he comaundide to the iugis, and seide, Se ye, what ye doen; for ye vsen not the doom of man, but of the Lord; and what euere thing ye demen, schal turne `in to you; 7 the drede of the Lord be with you, and do ye alle thingis with diligence; for anentis `youre Lord God is no wickidnesse, nether takynge of persoones, nether coueitise of yiftis. 8 Also in Jerusalem Josaphat ordeynede dekenes, and preestis, and the princes of meynees of Israel, that thei schulden deme the doom and cause of the Lord to the dwellers of it. 9 And he comaundide to hem, and seide, Thus ye schulen do in the drede of the Lord, feithfuli and in perfite herte. 10 Ech cause that cometh to you of youre britheren, that dwellen in her citees, bitwixe kynrede and kynrede, where euere is questioun of the lawe, of `the comaundement, of cerymonyes, `ether sacrifices, of iustifyingis, schewe ye to hem, that thei do not synne ayens the Lord, and that wraththe com not on you and on youre britheren. Therfor ye doynge thus schulen not do synne. 11 Forsothe Amarie, youre preest and bischop, schal be souereyn in these thingis, that perteynen to God. Sotheli Zabadie, the sone of Ismael, which is duyk in the hows of Juda, schal be on tho werkis that perteynen to the office of the kyng, and ye han maistris dekenes bifor you; be ye coumfortid, and do ye diligentli, and the Lord schal be with you in goodis.