2 Chronicles 19

Matthew(i) 1 And Iehosophat kynge of Iuda returned to his house safe and sounde to Ierusalem. 2 And Iehu the sonne of Hanani the sear, wente oute agaynst him and said to king Iehosaphat: oughtest thou to helpe the wicked, & to loue them that hate the Lorde. And thys verely is the wrathe of the Lorde vpon the. 3 Neuerthelater there are good thinges founde in the, in that thou hast put awaye groues out of the lande & hast prepared thyne herte to seke God. 4 And as Iehosaphat dwelt at Ierusalem, he went to agayne and went amonge the people from Bersabe to mount Ephraim, & brought them agayne vnto the Lorde God of their fathers. 5 And he sent iudges in the lande, thorow oute all the stronge cities of Iuda, cytye by cytye 6 and sayde to the iudges: take hede what ye do for ye be not iudges in the lawe of man, but of God, whyche is wyth you in the wordes of the law. 7 Wherfore let the feare of the lord be wyth you, and take hede and do it. For there is no vnryghteousnesse in the Lord our God nor regarding of persones, nor taking of rewardes. 8 Moreouer in Ierusalem dyd Iehosaphat set of the Leuites & of the pryestes and of the auncyent heades of Israel, ouer the customes of the Lorde & causes of stryfe. And then they returned agayn to Ierusalem. 9 And he charged them saying: do euen so in the feare of the lord with truthe and pure herte. 10 And whatsoeuer come to you of youre brethren that dwell in their cytyes, betwene bloude & bloude, lawe, commaundement, ordinaunces, and customes, so that ye warne them, that they trespace not agaynst the Lorde, leste wrath come vpon you and on youre brethren. Thus do and ye shal not offende. 11 And se here Amariah the prieste whyche is heade ouer you in all matters of the Lorde, and Zabadiah the sonne of Ismael a ruler in the house of Iuda, he is ouer al causes concernynge the kynge, wyth offycers of the Leuites before you. Take courage to you, and go vpon it, and the Lorde shalbe wyth the good.