2 Chronicles 19

Thomson(i) 1 Now when Josaphat, king of Juda, was returning to his house to Jerusalem, 2 .Jehu the son of Anani the prophet, went out to meet him, and said to him, King Josaphat, dost thou aid a sinner, or form friendship with one hated by the Lord? On this account there would have been wrath against thee, 3 but for the good works which have been found in thee, and for thy having removed the bowers out of the land of Juda, and directed thy heart to seek the Lord. 4 So Josaphat dwelt at Jerusalem, and again went out to the people from Bersabee to Mount Ephraim, and brought them back to the Lord God of their fathers 5 And when he appointed the judges in all the fortified cities of Juda, city by city, 6 he said to the judges, Take heed what you do. For you judge not for man, but for the Lord, and with you are the words of the judgment. 7 Now therefore let the fear of the Lord be upon you. Keep watch and do your duty; for with the Lord our God there is no injustice, nor respect of persons, nor taking of bribes. 8 In Jerusalem also Josaphat appointed some of the priests and Levites and patriarchs of Israel, for the judgment of the Lord, and to judge the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 9 And he gave them a charge, saying, Thus shall you act, in the fear of the Lord, with truth and with an upright heart; 10 You must all conjointly determine every cause of your brethren who dwell in their cities, which shall come before you for decision, between blood and blood, and between ordinance and command. And you shall explain to them the rules of rectitude and judgments, that they may not sin against the Lord, and that no wrath may come upon you, nor upon your brethren. Thus you shall do and not sin. 11 And behold Amarias the priest, is ruler over you for every word of the Lord, and Zabdias son of Ismael, the ruler over the house of Juda, for every matter touching the king; and the scribes and the Levites are to attend you. Be firm and do your duty, and the Lord will be with the good.