Joshua 20

  1 H3068 The LORD H1696 [H8762] also spoke H3091 to Joshua, H559 [H8800] saying,
  2 H1696 [H8761] Speak H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel, H559 [H8800] saying, H5414 [H8798] Appoint H5892 for you cities H4733 of refuge, H1696 [H8765] of which I spoke H3027 to you by the hand H4872 of Moses:
  3 H7523 [H8802] That the slayer H5221 [H8688] that killeth H5315 any person H7684 unintentionally H1847 and unknowingly H5127 [H8800] may flee H4733 there: and they shall be your refuge H1350 [H8802] from the avenger H1818 of blood.
  4 H5127 [H8804] And when he that doth flee H259 to one H5892 of those cities H5975 [H8804] shall stand H6607 at the entrance H8179 of the gate H5892 of the city, H1696 [H8765] and shall declare H1697 his cause H241 in the ears H2205 of the elders H5892 of that city, H622 [H8804] they shall take H5892 him into the city H5414 [H8804] to them, and give H4725 him a place, H3427 [H8804] that he may dwell among them.
  5 H1350 [H8802] And if the avenger H1818 of blood H7291 H310 [H8799] shall pursue H5462 [H8686] him, then they shall not deliver H7523 [H8802] the slayer H3027 into his hand; H5221 [H8689] because he smote H7453 his neighbour H1097 H1847 unknowingly, H8130 [H8802] and had not hated H8543 H8032 him in times past.
  6 H3427 [H8804] And he shall dwell H5892 in that city, H5975 [H8800] until he shall stand H6440 at the face of H5712 the company H4941 for judgment, H4194 and until the death H1419 of the high H3548 priest H834 that H3117 shall be in those days: H7523 [H8802] then shall the slayer H7725 [H8799] return, H935 [H8804] and come H5892 to his own city, H1004 and to his own house, H5892 to the city H5127 [H8804] from which he fled.
  7 H6942 [H8686] And they appointed H6943 Kedesh H1551 in Galilee H2022 in mount H5321 Naphtali, H7927 and Shechem H2022 in mount H669 Ephraim, H7153 and Kirjatharba, H2275 which is Hebron, H2022 in the mountain H3063 of Judah.
  8 H5676 And on the other side H3383 of Jordan H3405 by Jericho H4217 eastward, H5414 [H8804] they gave H1221 Bezer H4057 in the wilderness H4334 upon the plain H4294 out of the tribe H7205 of Reuben, H7216 and Ramoth H1568 in Gilead H4294 out of the tribe H1410 of Gad, H1474 and Golan H1316 in Bashan H4294 out of the tribe H4519 of Manasseh.
  9 H5892 These were the cities H4152 appointed H3605 for all H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel, H1616 and for the guest H1481 [H8802] sojourning H8432 among H5221 [H8688] them, that whoever should kill H5315 any person H7684 unintentionally H5127 [H8800] might flee H4191 [H8799] there, and not die H3027 by the hand H1350 [H8802] of the avenger H1818 of blood, H5975 [H8800] until he stood H6440 at the face of H5712 the company.