Exodus 22

  1 H376 If a man H1589 [H8799] shall steal H7794 an ox H7716 , or a sheep H2873 [H8804] , and kill H4376 [H8804] it, or sell H7999 [H8762] it; he shall restore H2568 five H1241 oxen H7794 for an ox H702 , and four H6629 sheep H7716 for a sheep.
  2 H1590 If a thief H4672 [H8735] shall be found H4290 breaking through H5221 [H8717] , and be smitten H4191 [H8804] that he die H1818 , there shall no blood be shed for him.
  3 H8121 If the sun H2224 [H8804] shall have risen H1818 upon him, there shall be blood H7999 [H8763] shed for him; for he should make full H7999 [H8762] restitution H4376 [H8738] ; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold H1591 for his theft.
  4 H1591 If the theft H4672 [H8736] shall be certainly H4672 [H8735] found H3027 in his hand H2416 alive H7794 , whether an ox H2543 , or donkey H7716 , or sheep H7999 [H8762] ; he shall restore H8147 double.
  5 H376 If a man H7704 shall cause a field H3754 or vineyard H1197 [H8686] to be eaten H7971 [H8765] , and shall put H1165 in his beast H1197 [H8765] , and shall feed H312 in another man's H7704 field H4315 ; of the best H7704 of his own field H4315 , and of the best H3754 of his own vineyard H7999 [H8762] , shall he make restitution.
  6 H784 If fire H3318 [H8799] shall break out H4672 [H8804] , and catch H6975 in thorns H1430 , so that the stacks of grain H7054 , or the standing grain H7704 , or the field H398 [H8738] , shall be consumed H1197 [H8686] ; he that kindled H1200 the fire H7999 [H8763] shall surely H7999 [H8762] make restitution.
  7 H376 If a man H5414 [H8799] shall deliver H7453 to his neighbour H3701 money H3627 or goods H8104 [H8800] to keep H1589 [H8795] , and it be stolen H376 out of the man's H1004 house H1590 ; if the thief H4672 [H8735] shall be found H7999 [H8762] , let him pay H8147 double.
  8 H1590 If the thief H3808 shall not H4672 [H8735] be found H1167 , then the master H1004 of the house H7126 [H8738] shall be brought H430 to the judges H7971 [H8804] , to see whether he hath put H3027 his hand H7453 to his neighbour's H4399 goods.
  9 H1697 For all manner H6588 of trespass H7794 , whether it be for ox H2543 , for donkey H7716 , for sheep H8008 , for raiment H9 , or for any manner of lost thing H559 [H8799] , which another challengeth H1697 to be his, the cause H8147 of both parties H935 [H8799] shall come H430 before the judges H430 ; and he whom the judges H7561 [H8686] shall condemn H7999 [H8762] , shall pay H8147 double H7453 to his neighbour.
  10 H376 If a man H5414 [H8799] shall deliver H7453 to his neighbour H2543 a donkey H7794 , or an ox H7716 , or a sheep H929 , or any beast H8104 [H8800] , to keep H4191 [H8804] ; and it shall die H7665 [H8738] , or be hurt H7617 [H8738] , or driven away H7200 [H8802] , no man seeing it:
  11 H7621 Then shall an oath H3068 of the LORD H8147 be between them both H7971 [H8804] , that he hath not put H3027 his hand H7453 to his neighbour's H4399 goods H1167 ; and the owner H3947 [H8804] of it shall accept H7999 [H8762] of it, and he shall not make restitution.
  12 H1589 H1589 [H8800] And if it shall be stolen H7999 [H8762] from him, he shall make restitution H1167 to the owner of it.
  13 H2963 H2963 [H8800] If it shall be torn in pieces H935 [H8686] , then let him bring H5707 it for witness H7999 [H8762] , and he shall not make good H2966 that which was torn.
  14 H376 And if a man H7592 [H8799] shall borrow H7453 any thing from his neighbour H7665 [H8738] , and it shall be hurt H4191 [H8804] , or die H1167 , the owner H5973 of it being not with it H7999 [H8763] , he shall surely H7999 [H8762] make it good.
  15 H1167 But if the owner H7999 [H8762] of it shall be with it, he shall not make it good H7916 : if it be an hired H935 [H8804] thing, it came H7939 for his hire.
  16 H376 And if a man H6601 [H8762] shall entice H1330 a maid H781 [H8795] that is not betrothed H7901 [H8804] , and lie H4117 [H8800] with her, he shall surely H4117 [H8799] endow H802 her to be his wife.
  17 H1 If her father H3985 [H8763] shall utterly H3985 [H8762] refuse H5414 [H8800] to give H8254 [H8799] her to him, he shall pay H3701 money H4119 according to the dowry H1330 of virgins.
  18 H3784 [H8764] Thou shalt not allow a witch H2421 [H8762] to live.
  19 H7901 [H8802] Whoever lieth H929 with a beast H4191 [H8800] shall surely H4191 [H8714] be put to death.
  20 H2076 [H8802] He that sacrificeth H430 to any god H1115 , except H3068 to the LORD H2763 [H8714] only, he shall be utterly destroyed.
  21 H3238 [H8686] Thou shalt neither vex H1616 a stranger H3905 [H8799] , nor oppress H1616 him: for ye were strangers H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt.
  22 H6031 [H8762] Ye shall not afflict H490 any widow H3490 , or fatherless child.
  23 H518 If H6031 [H8762] thou shalt afflict H6031 [H8763] them in any way H6817 [H8799] , and they cry H6817 [H8800] at all H8085 [H8800] to me, I will surely H8085 [H8799] hear H6818 their cry;
  24 H639 And my wrath H2734 [H8804] shall burn H2026 [H8804] , and I will kill H2719 you with the sword H802 ; and your wives H490 shall be widows H1121 , and your children H3490 fatherless.
  25 H3867 [H8686] If thou shalt lend H3701 money H5971 to any of my people H6041 that is poor H5383 [H8802] among you, thou shalt not be to him as a money-lender H7760 [H8799] , neither shalt thou charge H5392 him interest.
  26 H2254 [H8800] If thou shalt at all H2254 0 take H7453 thy neighbour's H8008 raiment H2254 [H8799] to pledge H7725 [H8686] , thou shalt deliver H5704 it to him by H935 [H8800] the setting H8121 of the sun.
  27 H3682 For that is his only covering H8071 , it is his raiment H5785 for his skin H7901 [H8799] : what shall he sleep in H6817 [H8799] ? and it shall come to pass, when he crieth H8085 [H8804] to me, that I will hear H2587 ; for I am gracious.
  28 H7043 [H8762] Thou shalt not revile H430 the judges H779 [H8799] , nor curse H5387 the ruler H5971 of thy people.
  29 H309 [H8762] Thou shalt not delay H4395 to offer the first of thy ripe fruits H1831 , and of thy liquors H1060 : the firstborn H1121 of thy sons H5414 [H8799] shalt thou give to me.
  30 H3651 Likewise H6213 [H8799] shalt thou do H7794 with thy oxen H6629 , and with thy sheep H7651 : seven H3117 days H517 it shall be with his dam H8066 ; on the eighth H3117 day H5414 [H8799] thou shalt give it to me.
  31 H6944 And ye shall be holy H582 men H398 [H8799] to me: neither shall ye eat H1320 any flesh H2966 that is torn of beasts H7704 in the field H7993 [H8686] ; ye shall cast H3611 it to the dogs.