JMNT(i) 1 Long ago (or: In the old days), in many parts (or: fragments; divided portions; = bit by bit) and in much-traveled ways consisting of many turns and directions, God, having spoken to (or: by; in; with) the fathers – in (= through; in [the words of]) the prophets – 2 upon [the] last of these days spoke to us in a Son whom He placed (or: sets) [as; to be] Heir of all (or: One who receives all humanity as an allotment; or: heir of all things; or: One who received everything as his allotted inheritance) through Whom He also made the ages (or: formed and constructed the various designated periods of time [which compose existence, as well as God's influence and activities]); 3 Who, continuously being an effect of the radiance from (or: a result from a dawning and breaking forth of the bright light of the Day which is; a result of the outshining which is; an effulgence from; an effect of an off-shining [light]-beam belonging to; or: a result of a reflection of) the Glory and Splendor as well as an exact impress (or: exact likeness as from a stamp or a die; or: a carving) of His substructure (or: of His substance [that is] standing under as a foundation; which is the underlying support of His outward form and properties; from His sub-placing; or: from His assumed groundwork of the full expression [of His idea]) – besides continuously bearing (or: and while progressively carrying; and then repeatedly bringing) the whole (all things; everything and all existence) by the gush-effect which is His power (or: in the result of the flow from the power which is Him; or: with the saying pertaining to His ability; in the spoken declaration of, and which has the character of and its source in, His power and ability) through and by means of Himself – in producing a cleansing of (or: after making a ritual purification in regard to) the failures (the misses of the target; the mistakes and errors; or: a clearing by pruning which pertains to the sins) He at once seated Himself within [the] right part (or: hand; = in union with the receiving aspect, honored position and place of power) of the Greatness centered and resident within high places. 4 Coming to be in a so much stronger and better (or: Being born to a so much more excellent) [station; position; calling; relationship] than agents (or: messengers; or: folks who had a message), He has come by inheritance to, and enjoys the allotment in, a so much different Name (= designation) which has been carried through the midst, beside them. 5 For you see, to a certain one of the agents He once said (or: as an interrogative: in which one of the messengers – the folks having the message – did He once say?), "You are my son: I have given birth to you today!" [Ps. 110:1] And again, "I will continue being to him for a Father, and he will continue being to Me for a son." (or: "I will continually exist being in him, [proceeding] into a Father, and he himself will exist being in Me, [proceeding] into a son!) [2 Sam. 7:14; 1 Chron. 17:13] 6 Now again, when He brought the Firstborn into the habitable world He is saying, "And so, let all God's agents (or: people with the message) give homage to Him (or: worship and reverence Him; kiss toward and do obeisance to Him; = show respect and give honor to Him)." [Ps. 97:7b] 7 And then, on the one hand, to the agents (messengers; folks with the message) He is saying, "He is the One making His agents (messengers; folks with the message) spirits (or: Breath-effects), and His public servants a flame of fire." [Ps. 104:4] [comment: this is an example of Hebrew parallelism – the second line being a restatement of the first, but in a different figure; the figure is a reference both to the priests, as "public servants," and to the called-out community, figured as the lampstand in the Tabernacle in Rev. 1:20, and referencing Acts 2:3 – there being "tongues as if of fire" burning on the lamps in the one case, and upon the people in the second case; the agents speak a message of words that are "spirit," the effect of the Breath] 8 Yet, on the other hand, to the Son, "God [is] Your throne, on into the age of the Age, and the scepter of straightness [is] a scepter of His kingdom and sovereign activity. (variant rendering, with other MSS: "Your throne, O God, and the staff of uprightness, [is the] staff of Your reign, unto the chief time period of the Age.) 9 "You love fairness and equity in rightwised [covenant] relationships within the Way pointed out (or: justice; righteousness) and yet you hate lawlessness. Because of this, God – Your God – anointed You with olive oil of extreme joy, at the side of (or: = more than; = rather than) Your partners (or: associates; fellows). [Ps. 45:6-7] 10 And further, "O Lord [= Yahweh], down from beginnings (or: in accord with ruling [principle] s), You founded (or: laid the foundations of) the earth (or: land), and the works of Your hands are the heavens (or: skies; atmospheres). 11 "They shall progressively destroy themselves (or: ruin, or lose, themselves) – but You continue remaining throughout. 12 "And all people, as a garment, shall progressively be made (or: grow) old. Then like that which is thrown around [as a cloak], You will roll or wrap them up as a garment, and so they (or: the same people) will progressively be made another (be altered; be changed; be transformed), yet You are the same, and Your years will not fail." [Ps. 102:25-28] 13 Now to a certain one (or, as in vs. 5: Now in which one '85?) of the agents (or: folks with a message) He once said, "Sit at (or: out of [the authority of]) My right [hand; side] until I may place your foes (or: hostile ones) a footstool of your feet (or: = turn your enemies into your footstool [= a supportive role])." [Ps. 110:1] 14 Are not all people public-serving Breath-effects (or: spirits; winds), being sent forth unto attending service because of those folks being about to progressively inherit deliverance (or: receive the allotment of salvation, health and wholeness)? [note: cf 1 Pet. 1:12]