Hebrews 9

JMNT(i) 1 The first, indeed then, also continued having effects of rites and products of the way then pointed out (= ordinances and regulations for the right way to do things) in respect to worship and sacred service, besides the set-apart (or: holy) place pertaining to that system (suited to that ordered arrangement), 2 for a tabernacle was furnished (equipped, prepared), the first [part; compartment] – in which [was] both the lampstand and the table, even the setting forth of the breads, as well as the golden censer-altar [reading with B: Vat. MS #1209, & Sahidic witnesses] – which is being called set-apart (a holy place; [the] Holy Place; a separated place). 3 But after the second veil, a tabernacle being called the set-apart of the set-apart ones (the Holy of Holies; the separated one of the separated ones; = the most set-apart), 4 having the ark of the arrangement (or: chest pertaining to the covenant), having been covered round about by gold, in which [was] a golden pot (or: urn) continuously holding (or: having) the manna, and Aaron's rod – the one sprouting (budding) – and the tablets of the arrangement (disposition; covenant), 5 but up above her [i.e., the ark] [are] cherubim, which have the character and quality of and express [the] glory, continuously overshadowing the mercy seat (the place of gentleness and graciousness), concerning which things (or: ones) there is now nothing to be saying corresponding to [that] part (or: down from, or in accord with, a part; = in detail). 6 But of these things, having been thus prepared (equipped; furnished; constructed), the priests, indeed, habitually entering into the first tabernacle [i.e., compartment], are repeatedly completing (ending upon; fully finishing) the sacred service, 7 yet into the second one [i.e., compartment] the chief priest alone (or: only), once a year, not apart from blood – which he is offering over (or: on behalf of) the effects of ignorance (things resulting from a lack of knowledge or insight) of himself and of the people – 8 the set-apart Breath-effect (or: Holy Spirit) making this clearly visible: the Way (Path; Road) of the set-apart places (or: of the separated ones; pertaining to the sacred folks; of the Holies) [was] not yet to have been manifested (caused to appear; brought to light) while the first tabernacle is having a standing – 9 which is a parable, [pointing] unto the present season (or: the fertile moment and situation having been placed within the midst and which is now here) – in accord with which [parable] both gifts and sacrifices are continually being offered, [though] not being able (or: not having power) to perfect (complete; bring to the goal and destiny; finish; mature), in regard to conscience and shared consciousness, those repeatedly doing the sacred service, 10 [relying] only upon foods and drinks and various immersions (baptisms; ceremonial washings), as well as rites and products of the way then pointed out (or: applications of fairness and equity) pertaining to the flesh (or: = [the] flesh's [religious] ordinances and external regulations of justice; or: = the system of human works), continuously lying upon them (thus: pressing upon them; = being imposed by them) until a fitting situation (or: season; fertile moment) of raising-up-through (or: thoroughly raising upright and making straight). 11 So Christ ([the] Anointed One; [Messiah]), after suddenly coming to be present at [our] side [as] a Chief (or: Ruling; Ranking) Priest of the good things happening (or: of virtuous people being birthed; [with other MSS: pertaining to impending excellent things]), by means of the greater and more perfect (more matured, complete and destined) Tabernacle not made by hands – that is, not of this creation – and not by means of blood from he-goats and calves, but by means of and through His own blood 12 entered in at once and once for all into the midst and core of the set-apart ones (or: the holy places), at once finding in Himself an unbinding (a loosening for release and liberation; redemption) proper to, belonging to and having its origin in the Age [of the Messiah] (or: eonian, or, age-lasting liberation). 13 For you see, if the blood of bulls and of he-goats, as well as ashes of a heifer repeatedly sprinkling the folks having become defiled (made common or ceremonially unclean), is continually making [a person] set-apart (or: making holy and sacred) with a view to and leading toward the cleanness of the flesh (= the physical body or human relationships), 14 to how much greater an extent shall the blood of the Christ (Anointed One; [Messiah]) – Who through means of a spirit (or: attitude; [the] Breath-effect) pertaining to the Age offers Himself (or: brought Himself face to face and offers Himself) without blemish by and with God (or: in, to and for God) – continue cleansing and pruning your conscience and shared consciousness from works of death (or: dead procedures and activities; deeds of dead folks) [leading] into [the situation] to be continuously rendering sacred service, as well as habitually doing the business and duties of life, for, in, by, to and with the living, as well as true and real, God? 15 And now because of this, He continues being a Medium (an Agency; an Intervening Substance; a middle state; One in a middle position; a go-between; an Umpire; a Mediator) of and from a New Arrangement (a disposition and covenant that is new in kind and quality) so that, pertaining to a death occurring (or: from a death having happened) [which leads] into an unbinding-away of the steppings-to-the-side [that were] based upon the first arrangement, (or: in order that by birthing Himself from death into the midst of a redeeming [of people] from the deviations [that came] upon the first disposition; or: so that at one point coming into existence from death [and] on into the center of a ransom-paid release from transgressions [that were founded] upon the former covenant,) the people having been called and now remaining invited can at some point take hold of (or: may seize into possession; or: would suddenly receive) the Promise of the inheritance pertaining to and having the qualities of the Age [of Messiah] (or: the eonian possession and enjoyment of the allotment; or: the inheritance of, from and for the ages). 16 For you see, where [there is] an arrangement (or: covenant; also: a will; a settlement), a necessity to be brought [is] the death of the one arranging (or: making the will; covenanting), 17 for an arrangement (a will; a covenant) based upon dead folks [is] firm (fixed; guaranteed as valid), since it is never (not once) [other MSS: not then] strong (or: in force) at the time when the one making the arrangement (or: covenant; will) is alive (or: continues living). 18 Consequently, not even the first (or: former) has been initiated (innovated; inaugurated; or: dedicated) apart from blood, [signifying a death]. 19 For every implanted goal (impartation of the finished product within; inner destiny; inward directive) down from the Law was spoken by (and: under) Moses to and for all the People, taking the blood of calves and he-goats, with water, scarlet wool and hyssop, he sprinkled both the scroll and all the People, 20 saying, "This is the blood of the arrangement (covenant; disposition) which God imparted as the goal to you (or: directed as the end and destiny in mind, with a view to you folks)." [Ex. 24:8] 21 Furthermore, in like manner he sprinkled the Tabernacle, and even all the vessels of the public service, with blood. 22 And so, down from and in accord with the Law, nearly everything is being cleansed in (or: in union with) blood, and apart from blood-shedding a sending-away (or: a causing to flow off; an abandoning or a divorce; or: forgiveness) is not coming into existence (is not being birthed; does not occur). 23 Indeed, then, [it was] a necessity for the under-exhibits (examples; copies; effects of suggestive signs) of the things within the atmospheres and heavens to be cleansed by these [means], yet the very super-heavenly things (or: the things [situated] upon the atmospheres) themselves by superior (stronger and better) sacrifices besides these. 24 For Christ did not enter into set-apart places made by hands (= by humans) – representations (things formed after a pattern) of the true and real things – but rather into the atmosphere and heaven itself, now to be manifested (exhibited to view; caused to appear in clear light; made apparent) by the presence of God over us (or: in God's face and countenance [being] on our behalf). 25 Nor yet [is it] that many times He would be repeatedly offering Himself, even as the chief priest is repeatedly entering into the set-apart (or: holy) places yearly in blood belonging to another, 26 otherwise (or: in that case) it was continually binding Him to experience [it] (or: to suffer; to have sense-experiences and to feel) many times from the founding of the organized System of [their] religion and culture (or: the casting down of the world or universe). Yet now (at this time), once, upon a conjunction (a joined destiny; a bringing of [two] ends together ["denoting the joining of two age-times" – E.W. Bullinger]) of the ages, He has been and remains manifested (has been brought to light and continues visible) into a displacement of failure (of error; of sin; of failure to hit the target) through the sacrifice of Himself (or: through His sacrifice; or: by means of the sacrificial altar-offering which was Himself). 27 And now, according to as much as it continues lying-away (or: laid away; reserved-off; stored) in (or: with; for; to) mankind (or: people) to die-away once, but after this a process of evaluating (a separating and making a distinction to be a judging and determining; a deciding), 28 so also, the Christ – being once borne (or: carried) close into the many (or: being offered once unto and for the many) to carry failures (errors; sins mistakes; deviations; misses of the target) back up again – will continue being made visible (or: will be progressively seen) forth from out of the midst of the second [place (cf 9:3, 7 & 10:9; {comment: = the holy of holies})]apart from failure (apart from sin; apart from a sin offering; apart from error in attempting to hit the target) – in those (or: by those; to those; for those) habitually receiving (or: progressively taking) from out of the midst of Him, [progressing] into a deliverance (or: [leading] into a rescue; with a view to health and wholeness; into the midst of salvation). [note: the Greek word translated "receiving from out of the midst of" is apekdechomai, which is dechomai, which means "to take and receive with the hands," with the preposition apek, a contraction of apo, "from," and ek, "out of the midst of" added as a prefix. This verb should not be translated "looking for," or "awaiting"]