JMNT(i) 1 Jacob (or: James) a slave belonging to God and to [the] Lord, Jesus Christ (or: a slave pertaining to God, even in fact, really, to [the] Lord and Owner [or, perhaps: = Yahweh], Jesus Christ), to the twelve tribes (or: sprouts and branches which sprang forth) who are to be constantly rejoicing within the scattering (or: which are within the midst of the dispersion [= the planting], "To constant joy and gladness!"). 2 My brothers (= fellow Israelites, or, fellow believers; = My family), lead every rejoicing (or: lead the path of all joy) whenever you may fall into – so as to be encompassed by – various trials (or: multi-faceted ordeals; [a tapestry of] tests and provings; or: experiments and attempts of varying hues), 3 habitually knowing by intimate experience and insight that the thing by means of which your faith, trust and confidence is proved (tested and accepted) is continually producing (or: is progressively working down-in the results of) persistent patient endurance (a steadfast remaining and dwelling under some ordeal or situation; or: a holding up under sustained attacks; or: a relentless giving of sustaining support). 4 But patient endurance (remaining under and/or sustained support) must habitually be having a work brought to completion (a complete action; a perfect work; a mature production which reaches its goal) to the intent that you may be (or: can exist as) perfect ones (complete, matured and finished folks who have attained the goal), even ones having an entire allotment (or: whole folks having every part), being left behind in nothing (or: lacking not one thing). 5 So, if any one of you is continually left behind (or: lacking) in regard to wisdom, he must keep on asking (requesting) from the side (= immediate presence) of the God [Who is] continuously giving to everyone singly (one at a time; or: simply; or: = generously) and is not constantly reproaching or demeaning, and it will proceed being given to him. 6 Yet he must keep on asking in faith and conviction (or: continue making [his] request in union with trust), making not one hesitation from habitually distinguishing and constantly evaluating differences (undecidedly separating throughout; discerning between uncertain points; judging dividedly to produce doubt) within himself, for the person repeatedly making undecided distinctions (making a separation and judging dividedly unto doubt) within himself is like a surge of the sea, being constantly raised and tossed by the wind. 7 For that man must not habitually suppose (or: normally assume) that he will continue receiving (or: taking in hand; seizing; getting) anything from beside (= from being in the presence of) the Lord [= Yahweh, or, Christ]. 8 A two-souled (or: = divided-willed; or: = emotionally split) adult male [is] unstable (unfixed; inconstant; turbulent) in all his ways. 9 Now let the low (humble; not rising far from the ground) brother (or: fellow member/believer) continually boast (or: be habitually loud-mouthed) in his height (or: exaltation), 10 but the rich, in his lowness (or: humiliation; depression), because he will be progressively passing by as a flower of grass (or: = a wildflower). 11 For the sun rises with scorching heat and withers the grass, and its flower falls off, and the beauty of its face (= loveliness of its appearance) loses itself (finds destruction in itself). Thus also, the rich one will proceed in being extinguished (faded; withered) in his goings (journeys; business; ventures; way of life). 12 Happy and blessed is the adult male [A and other MSS: person] who is continuously remaining under a proving (a putting to the proof; or: a trial; an ordeal), because upon being birthed approved (or: growing and becoming proved and accepted) he will continue laying hold of the circle of the life (or: life's crown; life's encirclement; the encirclement from this living existence; or: the wreath which is the Life) which He [some MSS: the Lord (= Yahweh or Christ)] Himself promised to those continuously loving Him. 13 Let no one, while being continuously probed and put to the proof, be saying "I am constantly being probed and put to the proof (tested; tried) in an ordeal from God, " for God is One Who is not put through an ordeal, not probed, put to the proof or tried, and is [thus] without experience from not having made an attempt, in regard to things of bad quality (or: you see, God exists un-testable and, lacks experience, from worthless situations or evil things or mean people), and so He Himself is repeatedly probing no one, nor constantly putting even one person in a test, to the proof or through an ordeal. 14 Yet each person is repeatedly probed and put to the proof (tested and tried in an ordeal), being continuously dragged (or: drawn) out and entrapped under his own over-covering passion (by his own longing, craving or lust; by what he sets his desires upon). 15 Thereafter, with the over-covering passion conceiving (seizing together so as to become pregnant), it continuously gives birth to failure (or: repeatedly brings forth an offspring of missing the target; progressively bears sin). Now the failure (error; sin; missing of the target), being brought to full term (being finished off; being fully formed with all its parts; being brought to its goal) continues producing (keeps generating; from pregnancy progressively bears forth) death. 16 Do not be repeatedly caused to wander (or: Be not continuously deceived), my beloved brothers (= family members; = fellow believers)! 17 Every good leaving of a legacy, profitable contributing or excellent dosing, as well as all virtuous giving, and (or: All giving [is] beneficial, and yet), every perfect gift (finished, complete or mature result of giving) is from above, descending from the Father of the lights, beside Whom there is no otherness at [His] side (or: in the presence of Whom is no parallel otherness; [other MSS: along with Whom {is} not one interchange, variation, shifting or mutation]), nor a shadow cast by turning [other MSS: an effect caused by the passing of shadows]. 18 Being purposed (intended; willed), from pregnancy He brought us forth by a Word (collected thought; message) of Truth and Reality – [placed] into us – to be (or: to continuously exist being) a specific firstfruit of His created beings (or: of the effects of His act of creating; or: from the results of the creation which is Himself). 19 You folks have seen and are aware, so understand, perceive and know [this], my beloved brothers. So every person must continuously be quick (swift) into the [position or place] to listen and hear, slow into the [readiness] to make vocal utterance, [and] slow into intrinsic fervor (internal swelling of passion; teeming desire; or: agitation; anger; or: a particular mental bent). 20 For you see, an adult male's intrinsic fervor (or: mental bent; temperament; disposition; or: swelling desire and passionate longing; or: anger and indignation) is not working out (producing; bringing into effect) God's fair and equitable dealing (or: rightwised situation which accords to the Way pointed out, in right relationship; the quality of the thing which is right and just; also: = the covenant life from God). 21 For this reason, putting away from yourselves all filthiness and encompassing superabundance of bad quality (ugliness; baseness; malice; evil; qualities that ought not to be), you folks must receive (take with your hands) in gentleness (meekness) the implanted (ingenerated) Word (collected thought; idea; message), the One being continuously able (or: the one which is constantly powerful) to deliver (rescue; keep safe; heal and make whole) your souls (your inner self and being). 22 Now you must continuously come to be (or: be progressively birthed) performers of [the] Word (or: makers of collected thought; framers of an idea; authors of a message; producers of reason; [the] Word's doers), and not only hearing ones (listeners; those hearing in an auditorium), continuously deceiving (reckoning aside; miscalculating) yourselves. (another combination of these options yields: So you folks must be progressively birthed to be authors of a message, and not only those in an auditorium, continuously miscalculating yourselves.) 23 Because if someone is a hearer of [the] Word (a listener to a thought, idea or message) and not a doer (performer; producer), this one is like (resembles) an adult male contemplating (considering; attentively pondering) in a mirror the face of his birth (genesis; origin; existence; generation; lineage; or: = the face with which he was born): 24 for he contemplated himself and has departed, and immediately forgot of what sort (quality; manner) he was. 25 But the one stooping down beside in order to attentively view into (giving a penetrating look into) the perfect (finished and realized; matured; completed; full-grown and fully developed; purposed and destined) law – the one which is freedom (or: the one whose source is, and which has the qualities of, freedom and liberty) – and then remaining (abiding; dwelling) beside [it] – not being birthed (or: coming to be) a hearer of forgetfulness (or: a forgetful listener), but rather a performer of work (a producer of action) – this person will continue being happy and blessed within his performing and in union with his producing. 26 Now if someone habitually supposes [himself] (or: thinks [himself]; presumes; or: constantly appears or seems) to be religious (occupied with rituals and ceremonies), while not habitually guiding his tongue with a bridle, but rather is repeatedly deceiving his heart, the religion (ritual; observance of a religious system) of this person is useless (futile; empty). 27 Pure (clean) and unstained (undefiled) religion, by the side of (= in the presence of) God, even the Father, is this: to habitually visit so as to continuously look upon with the eyes in order to help (or: oversee) orphans and widows within the midst of their pressure (squeezing; distress; ordeal; tribulation); to habitually keep oneself unspotted from the controlling ordered System (or: the world of secular culture, religion, economy and government).