1 Peter

JMNT(i) 1 Peter, one sent with a mission pertaining to Jesus Christ (or: an emissary and representative of, and from, [the] Anointed Jesus), to selected and picked out exiles (or: alien residents; sojourners; expatriates; strangers residing in a country not your own) of [the] dispersion (or: from a scattering; of [the] Diaspora), temporarily living beside residents of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, the province of Asia, and Bithynia, 2to folks gathered, laid-out and chosen in accord with and down from Father God's foreknowledge (or: corresponding to a previous experiential and intimate knowledge possessed by God, who is a Father), within a setting-apart of spirit (or: in union with the process of being set apart from common condition and use by [the] Spirit; or: in the midst of a sacred differencing which is a Breath-effect) [leading] into an obedient hearing (or: [focused] to being centered in a listening and paying attention with compliance) and a sprinkling with Jesus Christ's blood (or: a sprinkling of blood, which is Jesus Christ): May grace (or: favor) and peace [= shalom] be multiplied into fullness (or: be brought to fullness) in and among you folks (or: to you folks; for you folks)! 3 Well-spoken of (or: Eulogized; Blessed; or: Well-gathered, laid-out with ease, and worthy of praise) [is] the God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ (or: Who is our Owner, Jesus Christ), the One bringing us to birth again (regenerating us; begetting us back up again; causing us to be born again) down from, in line with and in correspondence to His abundant mercy (or: the much-existing sympathizing and active compassion which is Him) – through Jesus Christ's resurrection forth from out of the midst of dead folks. [We are born again]: into a progressively living expectation (or: into the midst of continuously living hope); 4 into the midst of an incorruptible (unspoilable; imperishable; unruinable; undecayable), unstained (undefiled), and unfading (or: unwithering) inheritance (or: enjoyment of and participation in an allotted portion as a possession) – one having been kept in view, watched-over, guarded, and which continues being maintained and kept intact within the midst of [the, or our] atmospheres (or: in union with heavens; = in realms of spirit); – [which things were and are being birthed and entering] into the midst of you folks, 5 the ones being continuously garrisoned within (or: kept under watch and guarded in the center of) God's power, in union with an ability which is God, through [His] faithfulness, into a deliverance (a rescue which brings health, wholeness and a return to your original state and condition; salvation; a [period of] rescue) [which is now] ready to be unveiled (revealed; disclosed) within the midst of and in union with [this] last season (or: resident within a final fitting situation; in a final fertile moment; on [this] last occasion), 6 within which [season and deliverance] you folks are presently feeling constant joy and happiness and are continuing to rejoice exceedingly – though for a little while, at present, since (or: if) it continues being binding and necessary, being pained (distressed; grieved; sorrowed) within various tests (or: different trials and ordeals) to put you to the proof. 7 [This is] to the end that the examined and tested approval of your faith (of the trust and faithfulness of you folks) – [being] of much greater value and worth, and more precious, than of gold that constantly loses itself away (perishes of itself) despite being progressively tested and examined through fire – might be found [progressing] into praise (approval; commendation) and glory (or: a good reputation) and honor (value; worth) within an unveiling of Jesus Christ (or: in union with a revelation whose source is, which has the character of, and which is, Jesus, [the] Anointed One; in the midst of a disclosure from [Messiah] Jesus), 8 Whom not seeing (or: perceiving), you folks are continuously loving and accepting (or: experiencing the urge for reunion); into Whom at the present moment you folks are not constantly looking, yet are habitually believing (or: continuously placing [your] trust and loyalty). You folks are repeatedly rejoicing and being very happy in indescribable (or: incapable of being spoken out) joy which also exists having been made glorious (or: by unspeakable and glorified joy; in joy [that is] inexpressible and has made a notable reputation; with joy that is glorious beyond words, and which is filled with imagination and good opinion), 9 being ones constantly bringing to, or conveying in, yourselves – as provision, attentive care and kindly keeping – the promised goal (the finished product; the aim and result; the purpose and destiny) of the [other MSS: your] faith and trust: deliverance ([the] restoration to wholeness and health; a salvation) of souls (or: from inner beings and selves; or: = of people)! 10 Concerning (or: Round about) which deliverance (health and wholeness; rescue; salvation) [the] prophets, carefully scrutinizing, sought out and then diligently searched out the [Scriptures] prophesying concerning (or: about) the grace and favor [directed and coming] into you folks, 11 constantly searching into which season or what kind of situation the Spirit of Christ (or: Christ's spirit; or: the Breath-effect which is the Anointed One), resident within them, was continuing to point to, making [it] evident and clearly visible, repeatedly testifying (witnessing; giving evidence) beforehand about the effects of the experiences and results of the sufferings [projected] into Christ, and the glories (the manifestations which call forth praise; the good opinions and reputations; the appearances of things) after these things, 12 to which folks (or: in which ones) it was unveiled (revealed; disclosed) that not to or for themselves, but to and for you people, they had been progressively dispensing and serving them – which things are now announced (or: which tidings were brought back) to you through those announcing (proclaiming; bringing and communicating) the message of well-being and goodness (or: good news) to you within [or, with other MSS: by] a set-apart Breath-effect (or: [the] Holy Spirit; or: sacred spirit) being sent forth from [the] atmosphere (or: heaven) – into which things agents (or: messengers; folks that had the message) are habitually and earnestly desiring (are constantly in full passion and craving) to stoop down beside and look (or: peer; peek) inside, so as to obtain a clearer and more accurate view. 13 On which account (or: Wherefore), in preparation for work or action, girding up in yourselves the clothes about the loins (or: waist; = getting ready for action) of your divided thoughts and the things passing through your mind (or: mental perceptions; intellect and comprehension), continuously being perfectly (or: maturely) clear-headed and sober (unintoxicated), direct and set (or: being constantly sober-minded, completely direct and set) your hope and expectation upon the grace and favor being continuously brought (or: periodically and progressively carried) to you within an unveiling (or: in the midst of a disclosure) of Jesus Christ (or: a revelation which is Jesus [the] Anointed One; or: an uncovering which comes from and pertains to Jesus Christ). 14 As children of (= having the qualities of and characteristics from) submissive, attentive hearing (or: Like listening and obedient born-ones), not being folks repeatedly molding, forming, fashioning or configuring yourselves to and by the former cravings (the prior over-desires or full passions), within your ignorance, 15 but rather, corresponding to (down from; in accord with) the One calling (or: inviting) you [being] set-apart (or: holy), you folks also let yourselves be made to be (or: be birthed) ones set-apart in the same way, in all behavior (within every conduct; in all turning about or twisting up of [your] way of life), 16 because it has been written that, "You people will continue being set-apart (or: sacredly different and holy), because I [am] set-apart (or: holy; different from ordinary)." [Lev. 11:44, 45; 19:2; 20:7] 17 And since (or: if) you folks are habitually calling upon a (or: [the]) Father – the One consistently separating and deciding (or: judging) impartially (without reception of faces, persons, appearances or external circumstances) according to (down from; corresponding to) each one's work or action – let the time of your sojourn (your temporary stay, dwelling alongside as an alien resident or an exile) be turned upward, in the fear of reverent living, 18 having seen, and thus knowing, that you folks were not unbound and released by a ransom of corruptible things (things that are perishable and subject to spoiling) – by little coins of silver or gold – from out of your fruitless behavior (vain conduct; idle and foolish way of life) handed down by tradition from the fathers (= your ancestors), 19 but rather by Christ's precious blood (or: in valuable blood, which is [the] Anointed One; with honorable blood of anointing; by costly blood from [the Messiah]) – as of a flawless (unblemished) and spotless Lamb: 20 being One having been foreknown (previously known by intimate experience), indeed, before [the] casting down (as of material for a foundation: founding; as of seed in a field: sowing; as of seed of a man: conception [cf Heb. 11:11]; as in throwing something down: overthrowing; as in battle = slaying; in politics: abandoning [a measure]; of debts: paying down by installments;) of [the; or: an] ordered System (world; universe; a particular order or arrangement of things; or: = the aggregate of humanity), yet One being set in clear light and manifested upon [the] last part (or: final; [p72 and others read plural: last things, circumstances or aspects]) of the times (or: of the [or: these] successive chronological time periods) because of you folks – 21 the ones [who] through Him [are] folks trustingly adhering unto God (or: [are] believing ones, ones full of faith, and confiding ones [proceeding] [p 72 & other MSS read the present participle: ones habitually putting trust] into God): the One awakening and raising Him up, forth from out of the midst of dead folks (or: from out of union with dead people), and giving glory to Him (a good reputation for Him; a manifestation which calls forth praise in Him). Consequently, your faith (trust; confidence; loyalty) and expectation (or: hope) are to continuously exist being [plugged; put; focused] into God (or: are to be [returned] into the midst of God)! 22 Having purified your souls (= inner selves) within the hearing obedience (the humble, attentive listening and submissive hearing) of the Truth and from Reality [which directs and leads] into unhypocritical (non-hypercritical; non-hyper-separating so as to over-evaluate; not determined from below; non-nit-picky; or: unpretended; unfeigned; thus: genuine) brotherly affection (= fondness for the fellow believers), love one another with acceptance in a stretched-out and extended way, from out of a clean [other MSS: true; genuine] heart, 23 being folks having been born again (been regenerated; been given birth back up again), not from out of a corruptible (or: perishable) seed that was sown, but rather from an incorruptible (imperishable; undecayable) one: through God's continually living and permanently remaining Word (or: through a message or expressed thought of [the] continuously living and constantly abiding God; or: through means of a living and dwelling Thought, Idea and Logically laid out Expression and Communication, which is God), 24 because, "All flesh [is] like grass (or: vegetation), and all its glory [is] like a flower of grass (of vegetation): the grass is caused to dry out and wither, and the flower falls off... 25 "yet the gush-effect of the Lord (result of what flowed from [Yahweh]; saying, declaration or thing spoken concerning the Lord) is constantly abiding (continuously remaining), on into The Age (or: the era [of the Messiah])." [Isa. 40:6-8] Now this continues being "the saying" (the declaration; the gush-effect) being announced as well-being and goodness to you folks (or: And this is the thing, and the result of the flow, being spoken into you in the good news).