1 Peter 4

JMNT(i) 1 Christ, then, having undergone experiences and suffering in flesh (or: being physically and emotionally affected to the point of suffering) over us (or: over our [situation] and for our sakes), you folks also arm and equip yourselves with the same mental inclination (idea; thought; way of thinking; frame of mind; attitude), because the person [thus] suffering or going through physical or emotional experiences which affect him in [the] flesh (or: = by [his] estranged humanity or alienated self) has in and for himself put a stop to failures, errors and mistakes (or: sins) [or, with other MSS: has been caused to cease from sin], 2 [and comes] into the [condition or situation] to no longer live out the additional remaining course [of his] time within [the] flesh (= in the natural realm) in the midst of (or: in union with) [the] full passions (or: for [the] over-desires; to [the] rushings of emotions upon things) of humans (or: pertaining to or originating in mankind), but to the contrary, in God's will (or: for God's intent; to God's purpose). 3 For the time having gone by [is] sufficient (= you have spent enough time, in the past,) to have accomplished (to have worked down and effected) the thing desired by (or: the intention of) the multitudes (the nations; the swarms of ethnic groups living together; the non-Jews; the Gentiles), having gone from place to place in indecent and licentious debaucheries (deeds of loose conduct), in rushing passions and over-desires, in excesses bubbling over with wine, in carousing and festive processions, in drinking parties, and in forbidden (i.e., illegal in respect to the natural laws of reason, conscience and common decency) idolatries (or: being a servant to or worshiping external forms or appearances, phantoms of the mind, unsubstantial or reflected images, or conveyed impressions), 4 within which they, repeatedly speaking abusively, slanderously, injuriously and giving a false image [about you, as well as about other folks], are constantly struck with surprise, thinking it strange and foreign that you folks are not always running together with [them], as a mob, into the same flooding (pouring forth) of unhealthiness and lack of safety (or: dissoluteness of a course devoid of salvation). 5 Such folks will continue rendering an account (or: giving back a reason) to the One readily and continually judging (separating and making a decision about) [p72: prepared to judge; other MSS: constantly holding {Himself} in readiness to judge] living folks and dead ones, 6 for into this [purpose], also, the message of goodness and well-being is (or: the good news was suddenly) brought and announced to dead folks, to the end that on the one hand they may at some point be judged (or: can be separated and decided about) – corresponding to humans – in flesh (or: according to humans in flesh; or: = in the sphere of people with estranged selves; or: = on the level of mankind in an alienated condition that was enslaved by the System), yet on the other hand, that they can continue living (or: would be habitually living) corresponding to (down from; in line and accord with; in the sphere of) God, in spirit (or: by Breath-effect). 7 Now the Goal (or: the end; the final act; or: the finished Product; or: the completion of the plan) of all people (and: pertaining to and affecting all things) has approached and is now near at hand and [He] is close enough to touch (= has arrived)! Therefore, you folks keep a healthy and sound frame of mind (be sane and sensible) and be sober (be unintoxicated; i.e., be functional and with your wits about you) into [a state, condition or realm] with a view toward having goodness and well-being (or: into the midst of prayers). 8 Before all people (or: = More than anything), continue being folks constantly holding the outstretching and extending love (unambiguous, uniting acceptance) unto yourselves (i.e., into each other) – "because love is constantly covering (habitually throwing a veil over; progressively concealing; [and with other MSS: will be covering]) a multitude of failures (mistakes; errors; misses of the target; sins)." [Prov. 10:12] 9 [Continue being] those [who are] stranger-loving unto one another (= friendly, kind and hospitable to strangers, foreigners and aliens [inviting them] into the midst of each other's [homes and/or societies]), without expressing dissatisfaction (complaining; grumbling; murmuring), 10 each one, according as he receives an effect of grace (or: received a result of favor), continuously giving supporting service and dispensing it unto yourselves (i.e., into each other), as beautiful (fine; ideal) house managers (stewards; administrators) of God's varied grace (or: of [the] diverse favor which is God; [as] of a many-colored [tapestry] of grace whose source and character are from God). 11 If anyone is normally speaking, [let it be] as God's little words (= inspired sayings, messages, thoughts and ideas); if anyone is habitually providing attending service and dispensing, [let it be] as out of [the] strength which God is continually supplying (furnishing; providing), to the end that, in union with all people (and: within all things), God may be constantly glorified (may habitually receive a good reputation) through Jesus Christ, in Whom (by Whom; for Whom; to Whom; with Whom) is (or: exists) the glory (the manifestation of that which calls forth praise; the good reputation) and the strength (the might), on into the ages of the ages (or: into the indefinite time periods of the ages; into the superlative times of the eons). 12 Beloved ones, do not repeatedly feel like strangers to the burning (= the action of the Fire) within and among you folks, which is habitually happening to you with a view toward your being put to the test (or: which is repeatedly coming into being in the face of a proving trial for you; which is progressively birthing itself to an examination in you), as though a strange thing or a foreign occurrence is repeatedly walking with you folks. 13 But on the contrary, keep on rejoicing and being glad to the extent or degree that you folks are continually participating with a common share in the effects of the experiences and the results of the sufferings of the Christ, to the end that, while continuously exulting and celebrating exceedingly, you folks can (or: should; would) also rejoice within the unveiling of His glory (or: in union with the disclosure of His reputation; or: in the midst of the praise-inducing manifestation which is Him)! 14 Since (or: If) you folks are constantly being insulted and censured in (or: [because of] union with) the Name of Christ, [you are] happy ones (blessed folks), because God's spirit of glory and power (or: the Breath-effect of the reputation and of the ability of God) is continuously "resting back upon" you folks [cf. Isa. 11:2]. 15 Of course let not any one of you folks be experiencing suffering as a murderer, or a thief, or a doer of worthless or evil things, or, as a meddler (an interferer) in other people's affairs (or: one who focuses on things strange, foreign or "other, " or involving a place-change). 16 Yet if as a Christian [she or he is suffering], let him or her not continue feeling shame or embarrassment, but let him or her constantly glorify (give credit to; enhance the reputation of; bring an opinion of high status for) God within this Name (or: in union with this name [i.e., "Christian;" or, referring to "the Name of Christ" in vs. 14, above]), 17 because [it is; this is; now is] the [other MSS: a] fitting situation and fertile moment of the appointed season for the result of the judgment (the effect of the separating for evaluation and decision) to begin (to start) from God's house. Now if first from us, what [will be] the closing act (the final stage; the end; the consummation; the outcome; the finished product) pertaining to those continuing unpersuaded and unconvinced by (or: uncompliant to; disobedient to; stubborn in) God's message of goodness and well-being (or: good news)? 18 "And if the rightwised one (the fair and just person in right relationships in accord to the Way pointed out) is repeatedly delivered (rescued; brought to safety; made healthy and whole) with difficult labor, then where will the irreverent (the person without pious awe) and the failure (the one who makes mistakes and cannot hit the target; the sinner; the outcast) proceed in making an appearance?" [Prov. 11:31] 19 So then, also, let those repeatedly feeling the effects of experiences and of suffering which correspond to, and [are] in the sphere of, God's will (intent; purpose) continuously commit their souls to a Faithful Former (or: Loyal Founder; Trustworthy Creator), within [the] producing of good (in union with making of virtue; in construction of excellence; within the midst of performing goodness).