Acts 2:5-11

JMNT(i) 5 Now there were Jews permanently residing (continuously housed-down; or, perhaps: staying) in Jerusalem – well-received adult men who take hold well [on things] (or: pious, reverent and circumspect adult males; or: cautious husbands) from every nation and ethnic group under the sky (or: heaven). 6 But upon the occurring of this sound, the multitude came together and were mingled with perplexity, bewilderment and confusion – because each one of them kept on listening and heard [the disciples] continually (or: repeatedly) speaking in his own language and dialect. 7 So they all began being put out of place (or: set out of themselves) with amazement, and continued being caused to wonder with admiration and astonishment – one after another saying, "Look, and think about it (or: See here)! All these folks who are presently speaking are Galileans, are they not? 8 "And so how are we ourselves now hearing – each one of us – in his own language and dialect, [the one] in which we were born? 9 " [There are] Parthians, Medes and Elamites [= portions of the Persian empire]; even folks presently dwelling in Mesopotamia... both Judea, as well as Cappadocia... Pontus, as well as Asia [= principally the kingdom of Pergamus, including Lydia, Mysia, Caria and Phrygia], 10 "both Phrygia and Pamphylia; Egypt and the parts of Libya which is down toward Cyrene, as well as the temporary residents from Rome (or: the repatriated Romans); both Jews and proselytes (converts to Judaism), Cretans and Arabians (or: Arabs) – 11 "we continue hearing their speaking the magnificent things of God (or: God's great deeds) in our own tongues (= languages)!"