Revelation 6

  1 G1492 And I saw G3753 when G721 the Lamb G455 opened G3391 one G4973 of the seals, G191 and I heard, G5456 as it were the noise G1027 of thunder, G1520 one G5064 of the four G2226 beasts G3004 saying, G2064 Come G991 and see.
  2 G1492 And I saw, G2400 and behold G3022 a white G2462 horse: G2521 and he that sat G1909 on G2192 him had G5115 a bow; G4735 and a crown G1325 was given G1831 to him: and he went G1831 forth G3528 conquering, G3528 and to conquer.
  3 G3753 And when G455 he had opened G1208 the second G4973 seal, G191 I heard G1208 the second G2226 beast G3004 say, G2064 Come G991 and see.
  4 G1831 And there went G243 out another G2462 horse G4450 that was red: G1325 and power was given G2521 to him that sat G1909 thereon G846 G2983 to take G1515 peace G1093 from the earth, G4969 and that they should kill G240 one G240 another: G1325 and there was given G3173 to him a great G3162 sword.
  5 G3753 And when G455 he had opened G5154 the third G4973 seal, G191 I heard G5154 the third G2226 beast G3004 say, G2064 Come G991 and see. G1492 And I beheld, G2400 and see G3189 a black G2462 horse; G2521 and he that sat G1909 on G2192 him had G2218 a pair G5495 of balances in his hand.
  6 G191 And I heard G5456 a voice G3319 in the middle G5064 of the four G2226 beasts G3004 say, G5518 A measure G4621 of wheat G1220 for a penny, G5140 and three G5518 measures G2915 of barley G1220 for a penny; G91 and see you hurt G1637 not the oil G3631 and the wine.
  7 G3753 And when G455 he had opened G5067 the fourth G4973 seal, G191 I heard G5456 the voice G5067 of the fourth G2226 beast G3004 say, G2064 Come G991 and see.
  8 G1492 And I looked, G2400 and behold G5515 a pale G2462 horse: G3686 and his name G2521 that sat G1883 on G2288 him was Death, G86 and Hell G190 followed G1849 with him. And power G1325 was given G1909 to them over G5067 the fourth G1093 part of the earth, G615 to kill G4501 with sword, G3042 and with hunger, G2288 and with death, G2342 and with the beasts G1093 of the earth.
  9 G3753 And when G455 he had opened G3991 the fifth G4973 seal, G1492 I saw G5270 under G2379 the altar G5590 the souls G4969 of them that were slain G3056 for the word G2316 of God, G3141 and for the testimony G3739 which G2192 they held:
  10 G2896 And they cried G3173 with a loud G5456 voice, G3004 saying, G2193 How G2193 long, G1203 O Lord, G40 holy G228 and true, G2919 do you not judge G1556 and avenge G129 our blood G1909 on G2730 them that dwell G1909 on G1093 the earth?
  11 G3022 And white G4749 robes G1325 were given G1538 to every G4483 one of them; and it was said G373 to them, that they should rest G2089 yet G3398 for a little G5550 season, G2193 until G4889 their fellow servants G2532 also G80 and their brothers, G3195 that should G615 be killed G4137 as they were, should be fulfilled.
  12 G1492 And I beheld G3753 when G455 he had opened G1623 the sixth G4973 seal, G2400 and, see, G3173 there was a great G4578 earthquake; G2246 and the sun G1096 became G3189 black G4526 as sackcloth G5155 of hair, G4582 and the moon G1096 became G129 as blood;
  13 G792 And the stars G3772 of heaven G4098 fell G1093 to the earth, G4808 even as a fig G4808 tree G906 casts G3653 her untimely G3653 figs, G4579 when she is shaken G3173 of a mighty G417 wind.
  14 G3772 And the heaven G673 departed G975 as a scroll G1507 when it is rolled G3956 together; and every G3735 mountain G3520 and island G2795 were moved G5117 out of their places.
  15 G935 And the kings G1093 of the earth, G3175 and the great G4145 men, and the rich G5506 men, and the chief G5506 captains, G1415 and the mighty G3956 men, and every G1401 slave, G3956 and every G1658 free G2928 man, hid G1438 themselves G4693 in the dens G4073 and in the rocks G3735 of the mountains;
  16 G3004 And said G3735 to the mountains G4073 and rocks, G4098 Fall G1909 on G2928 us, and hide G4383 us from the face G2521 of him that sits G1909 on G2362 the throne, G3709 and from the wrath G721 of the Lamb:
  17 G3173 For the great G2250 day G3709 of his wrath G2064 is come; G5101 and who G1410 shall be able G2476 to stand?