Isaiah 25

  1 H3068 O Lord, H430 you are my God; H7311 I will exalt H3034 you, I will praise H8034 your name; H6213 for you have done H6382 wonderful H6098 things; your counsels H7350 of old H530 are faithfulness H544 and truth.
  2 H7760 For you have made H5892 of a city H1530 an heap; H1219 of a defended H7151 city H4654 a ruin: H759 a palace H2114 of strangers H5892 to be no city; H5769 it shall never H3808 H1129 be built.
  3 H5921 Therefore H3651 H5794 shall the strong H5971 people H3513 glorify H7151 you, the city H6184 of the terrible H1471 nations H3372 shall fear you.
  4 H1961 For you have been H4581 a strength H1800 to the poor, H4581 a strength H34 to the needy H6862 in his distress, H4268 a refuge H2230 from the storm, H6738 a shadow H2721 from the heat, H3588 when H7307 the blast H6184 of the terrible H2230 ones is as a storm H7023 against the wall.
  5 H3665 You shall bring H3665 down H7588 the noise H2114 of strangers, H2721 as the heat H6724 in a dry H2721 place; even the heat H6738 with the shadow H5645 of a cloud: H2159 the branch H6184 of the terrible H6030 ones shall be brought H6030 low.
  6 H2088 And in this H2022 mountain H3068 shall the LORD H6635 of hosts H6213 make H3605 to all H5971 people H4960 a feast H8081 of fat H4960 things, a feast H8105 of wines H8105 on the lees, H8081 of fat H4229 things full of marrow, H8105 of wines H8105 on the lees H2212 well refined.
  7 H1104 And he will destroy H2088 in this H2022 mountain H6440 the face H3875 of the covering H3874 cast H5921 over H3605 all H5971 people, H4541 and the veil H5259 that is spread H5921 over H3605 all H1471 nations.
  8 H1104 He will swallow H4194 up death H5331 in victory; H136 and the Lord H3069 GOD H4229 will wipe H1832 away tears H5921 from off H3605 all H6440 faces; H2781 and the rebuke H5971 of his people H5493 shall he take H5493 away H5921 from off H3605 all H776 the earth: H3068 for the LORD H1696 has spoken it.
  9 H559 And it shall be said H3117 in that day, H2009 See, H2088 this H430 is our God; H6960 we have waited H3467 for him, and he will save H2088 us: this H3068 is the LORD; H6960 we have waited H1523 for him, we will be glad H8055 and rejoice H3444 in his salvation.
  10 H2088 For in this H2022 mountain H3027 shall the hand H3068 of the LORD H5117 rest, H4124 and Moab H1758 shall be trodden H8478 down under H4963 him, even as straw H1758 is trodden H4087 down for the dunghill.
  11 H6566 And he shall spread H3027 forth his hands H7130 in the middle H7811 of them, as he that swims H6566 spreads H7811 forth his hands to swim: H8213 and he shall bring H8213 down H1346 their pride H698 together with the spoils H3027 of their hands.
  12 H4013 And the fortress H4869 of the high H4869 fort H2346 of your walls H7817 shall he bring H7817 down, H8213 lay low, H5060 and bring H776 to the ground, H6083 even to the dust.