Isaiah 25

Matthew(i) 1 O Lorde, thou arte my God, I wil praise the, & magnifie thy name. For thou bryngest maruelous thinges to passe, accordinge to thyne olde councels, truly & stedfastly. 2 Thou makest of townes, heapes of stone, and of head cities, broken walles: The palaces of the wicked destroyest thou out of the citie that they shal neuer be buylded again. 3 Therfore the very rude people must magnifie the, & the cities of the cruel Heathen muste feare the. 4 For thou art the poore mans helpe, a strength for the neadful in his necessyte. Thou art a defence against euyll wether, a shadow agaynst the hete. But vnto the presumptuous, thou art lyke a stronge whyrle wynde, that casteth doune 5 the boastynge of the vngodly: thou kepest men from heate, wt the shadow of the cloudes, thou cuttest of the braunches of tyrauntes. 6 Moreouer the Lorde of Hostes shall ones prepare a feaste, for all people vpon the hyll: A plenteous, costly, pleasaunt feaste, of fat & wel fede beastes, of swete & most pure thinges. 7 Vpon the hil shal he take away the side vale that hangeth before the face of al people and the couerynge wherwith al Gentiles are couered. 8 As for death, he shal vtterly consume it. The Lord God shall wype awaye teares from all faces, & take away the confusion of his people thorow the whole worlde. For the lord hym selfe hath sayde it. 9 At the same tyme shall it be sayde: lo, thys is oure God in whom we put oure trust, and he hath healed vs. This is the Lorde that we haue wayted for. Let vs reioyse and delyte in hys health. 10 For the hand of the Lorde ceaseth vpon thys hyll. But Moab shalbe thresshen doune vnder him, lyke sa the straw is troden vnder fete in a donge hill. 11 For he shal stretche out his handes vpon him, lyke as a swimmer doth to swimme. And with the power of his handes shal he rast doune his hye pompe. 12 As for his strong holdes and hye walles: he shal bowe them, that cast them doune, & fel them to the grounde into dust.