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Daniel 8:7 (new)
  7 H7200 [H8804] And I saw H5060 [H8688] him come H681 close to H352 the ram, H4843 [H8698] and he was moved with anger H5221 [H8686] against him, and smote H352 the ram, H7665 [H8762] and broke H8147 his two H7161 horns: H3581 and there was no power H352 in the ram H5975 [H8800] to stand H6440 at the face of H7993 [H8686] him, but he cast him down H776 to the earth, H7429 [H8799] and stamped H5337 [H8688] upon him: and there was none that could deliver H352 the ram H3027 out of his hand.